Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Joker

Last weekend I started spinning this:

The Joker

It was uploaded to flickr at the end of August last year, and it was right down at the bottom of one of my 'stash sacks'

The colours reminded me of Heath Ledgers outfits as The Joker in The Dark Night so that's what I called it.

It's merino, I have 350m, just over 100g, and I have another one to spin!


KimK said...

Wow -- those are amazing colors, and somehow they really work together! I'd love to see how the yarn will look knit up!

Caroline M said...

It's funny because I look at the braid and say "blue, with some other colours" but the yarn is very much not-blue. It's pretty, whichever way you look at it/

Marianne said...

I always liked those colours, that Joker, and they've spun up beautifully. Yes, knit it up!

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cec said...

That's just lovely stuff. I hope you repeat the colorway it's great. Looking forward to seeing it spun up.

Sheila said...

Amazing colors. It reminds me of a jester. Happy Holidays.

Debbie said...

Love those colours, so rich you could just lose yourself in them. What are your plans for the yarn?

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