Sunday, November 12, 2006

I don't think my last post was very clear, so I am just going to talk about the Texere Variety Bag Competition again, as the bag thing has become a bit confused. This purple confection is a Texere Variety Bag, it contains about 15 different textured yarns, all in the same colourway, which all measure 3 metres. It is intended for any creative use that you can think of, embroidery, weaving, embellishing, tassel making. The competition itself was to produce a piece of work not exceeding A4 in size. Basically you could do anything with this variety bag that your imagination can think of, knit it, embroider a picture, weave something, in some ways the ideas are limitless, and basically my entry is a simple textile pot, sorry for the confusion!

After seeing them everywhere, but most recently here, I have finally cast on a pair of Jaywalkers. I have been procrastinating about the best sock yarn to use and finally decided on this blue grey and inky colourway. Although the flash photography doesn't really do anything for the colour representation at all, but I will update it as I progress with a better picture, just the best I could do with the nights drawing in like this.