Friday, December 08, 2006


Have made a bit of progress with the leftovers scarf I'm creating for my niece, although with 238 stitches on the needle, sometimes a row seems a bit long winded,although the stitch pattern I'm using is easy enough.

I ran over to the LYS today to grab a couple of oddballs,that lovely dark purple eyelash is not too fuzzy, but although the colour on that big ball is perfect, I didn't think about the weight and its a chunky yarn, where as everything else is about an aran weight or I double them up, I might get away with it for a couple of rows if I use a bigger needle, just going to have to try it and see. Unfortunately its a single ply so I can't really split it either.

There's a gift shop I like to visit over there where they have a selection of these Indian printing blocks, they have always been reasonably priced, but normally I just go and have a look. I decided to treat myself this time....well it's almost Christmas.


Marianne said...

So, is that a woodblock? it's beautiful! also enjoying the scarf becoming......8 for 8...
I got your package posted this morning, air, don't freak at the postage when you see it, my bad, also they were saying it should have been posted by the 4th of Dec to get there by all the extra stuff out there it's taking longer, but jeeze, it should get there before then, at least I'm hoping it does.
Let me know....I know it will most likely take a week and a bit anyway.

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