Friday, April 24, 2009

Still here!

Yes I've been a very bad blogger, my weekly posts have been dropping off as the year plods on!

I have finished my Clapotis, just need to sew two ends in, (all my other ends were Russian joined) and take some photos, to say I love this pattern would be an understatement.....I can see why some people have knitted multiple Clapotis'!

So this week I have been very excited to have some new fibres in the house:

merino/seacell 25/04

First up is the merino/seacell, this hasn't been readily available here in the UK.....but now I've got my hands on some it's going to be a regular in the shop...I LOVE it!

The second selection is a merino/carbonised bamboo blend, I just wanted to try something a little different that hasn't been seen anywhere else:

merino/bamboo 25/09

Monday, April 06, 2009

Dye Workshop

Sometime last year I was asked if I could do a dye workshop, I tentively agreed and the date was booked for 6th April 2009. I packed up the car last night and off I went this morning into deepest Kent.

I started with a demonstration and let them loose with the dyes, here are some of the results:

I think I had 13 dyer's in all but instead of pandemonium it all went very well!

Spiral Dyeing Sampler

This is a little sampler of Bluefaced Leicester which I dyed up as a colour sampler so people could see the strength of colours we were going to be using today. It is spiral dyed with 11 colours.

For a good visual explanation about spiral dyeing see here