Saturday, March 27, 2010

I'm Still Standing!

Yeah, yeah yeah! In the great words of Sir Elton John!
Yes I have been neglecting the blog a little! In knitting news I'm still busy knitting the sweater. It is going well, I am up to the armholes, and have just started working on the back piece. The small gauge makes it slow going, although it is starting to take shape.

I did start a little spinning for the Pararavelympics, although haven't got past the 1st bobbin of the 3ply I started., mainly due to sweater knitting, and when I'm not knitting on this sweater or working I am also thinking about the cardigan/jacket design I need to start when the sweater is finished. Maybe I should start practicing the 5 minutes a day....I would like to finish this yarn at some point!

It is almost a month since we held our 1066 Spinners Dye workshop, this was the 3rd Workshop I have done and the best one so far, mainly because I've learnt as I go what works and what can go wrong. We had a great day in a lovely hall and I think we'll probably hold a simlar Dyeing Day next year.

I put Gemma, one of the knitters I invited, in charge of taking photos and we have some great shots.

These are the before and after shots!

There are quite a few inbetween shots of me demonstrating, and of the group dyeing too, I will try and get them edited and up on flickr....but for now I've got to get back to that sweater!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

This Time Last Week......

I was at Brixton Academy, one of my favourite venues for seeing a band.

Waiting (not quite) patiently for one of my favourite bands...

Hot Chip...this was the third time I've seen Hot Chip and the best gig so far.

I could see them 'over and over and over and over' again. I'm a little frustrated that I can't see how to share the YouTube video here any more...but nevermind.

Knitting news, I am quietly beavering away on my sweater project. No sneaky peeking yet!

I still need to block my Swallowtail and I've had a scarf on my loom since Christmas, ok so the scarf is still on my loom because the sweater design is my top priority at the moment, closely followed by spinning, but I would just like to free the loom up ready for something else, maybe knowing that I haven't really got time for something else right now is the problem!