Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I finished plying my scraps yarn late on Thursday night....it's been very wet and grey since so I haven't had much light for decent photos. Managed to grab these between showers this morning!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


This week it's all been about scrapping fibre for the 1st UK Scraps Swap!

Inspired by the Scraps Swap Group on Ravelry I decided to see if there were enough people in the UK interested in a scraps swap. We had 28 people in this first swap and over 5kg of fibre.

I gradually worked my way through scrapping all the fibre by doing 8 braids a day, and just had a few left Monday lunchtime.

I then started making up scrap bags, and once I started I got through all 28 quite quickly. I then got them all packed up and labelled and off to all the participants of the swap!

Here are my scraps, I have split every scrap into 2 pieces and have 2 bags ready to make a 2ply yarn. It has been such a successful swap we have decided to do it all over again, although I'm not hosting it this time!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


So we've done with January and here is February already! I had hoped to have been back sooner with yarn photos, but keeping all the balls in the air at this time of year always seems harder.

Hopefully by Spring my multi-tasking skills may get back to normal!
This first skein is camel/silk. It was an attempt at the 800yard race, but fell quite short at 576 yards, although probably my best effort yet from 100g!

The second one is about 200g of merino. I spindle spun half, back in October when I was at the Textiles in Sussex Exhibition. I found a very similar braid so wheel spun that up to ply together.

There is alot of sample knitting going on for the sweater I am designing, and finally the Swallowtail has been cast off and is waiting for some blocking.