Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I can hardly believe I have been quite this productive since I last posted, I really need to make time to post more often! This first scarf is a bit of a cheat, well it was made before the scarf in the last post, but I didn't get any photos of it. The yarn is a cashmere mix and the skein was just a tangled mess when it was given to me, I spent months untangling it, I used to carry it in my knitting bag!

This is the first woven cowl I have made, the warp was a real mix of colours and I did the same with the yarn as I wove, I didn't bother using a shuttle as I changed colour every 2-3 rows.

This second cowl is a mix of green and purple with a little black sparkle and some sari silk!

These are my handspun thrummed mittens. I was knitting them last December, but they were thrown by the wayside in January just needing some thumbs, so I finished them last Friday, just in time for the fashion show at Guild!

Friday, November 04, 2011

New Scarf!


Ok so here is what the warp looked like, there was a range of yarn from sock to chunky and a bit of everything, mohair, alpaca/silk, bamboo tape, linen, wool, etc.

The Model

Here is Maddox modelling the finished scarf!

I have no hope of doing NaBloNoMo....or blogging everyday at the moment, I would like to post at least once a week, it's just not quite happening yet, although I'm not beating myself up over it!

I'd like to do a bit of spinning next, although I still have a sweaters worth of wool looking at me from my basket...always so much to do....so little time!

Friday, October 07, 2011

Dynamic View?

Every time I come to Blogger something has changed, I'm not necessarily complaining about change, it's just one of those things, when I logged in they were offering me a 'Dynamic View' it looks good, modern, different, although I'm not sure it will allow me to change colours and things and that leaves it a little too clinical for my tastes! Facebook is another place that likes to keep you on your toes changing things. Sometimes the best changes are the ones that happen without you noticing.

I am still weaving my little squares, I have over 180 now, although I have rethought the colourway. I decided I liked the blues/greens/grey of the Kureyon Sock so much that I would make a blanket with just those balls, but I had already made 122 squares in other shades of Kureyon Sock, so these will either be made into another throw, or divided up into cushion covers or something. I have just discovered that the shade I am using has been discontinued, but I only need 2 more balls and it's not too difficult to get hold of just yet.

I have booked a stall at a local Christmas Craft Fair which is on the first Saturday in December. I am not going mad making things....I still have a few woven scarves and some handspun yarn ready to go, but I have got the loom out of storage to start work on a few more things. The scarf above is the first I have woven with a pattern stick. The yarn was dyed by my friend Clare Dunn at Nimu (she is busy at the Knitting & Stitching Show at the moment). This ball was a tangled skein she gave me, it took me several weeks, months even to detangle, but I'm so glad I did, it looked great on the loom! It's off the loom now and waiting for a wash and finish!

I've got another scarf on the loom now, it was going to be a woven Mobius, until I realised I was weaving it vanilla (plain) and it needed to be woven 'stripey' as the end of the warp gets twisted and woven back in....the trouble was I had woven quite a bit when I realised, I tried to add some stripes of colour but because I am using a range of yarns from sock to chunky, they didn't work very well together as weft. In the end I had to unweave what I had done and re-tie the warp and start again. I may try the Mobius on my next warp once I have a good root through the stash and see what I am going to use!

I will try to get back into the habit of blogging now that I'm back and making things again! Isn't November Blog everyday month? Have just been to investigate, and found a place where you can be supported to blog every day any month you like, I will think about it!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Manic Monday!

Ok so I didn't manage a weekly post last week, nevermind, sometimes weeks with a baby around pass in a blur!

I have been beavering away on my squares, so much that I have just finished another ball of greens, just a few ends to sew in. I might get around to taking a new photo of some of them laid out at some point, I will have to start laying them on the bed, almost 150 squares now.

Maddox will be 20wks old tomorrow, he has been rolling over in his cot occasionally for a few weeks, and turning his upper body around to reach for things but today he managed to finally turn himself right over on the floor, and then proceeded to keep going!

He has also started sucking his thumb, Neo never did this, I think it's sooo sweet:

He is also enjoying his food now that we have started weaning!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Square Eyes!

Well yes it is about time I got back to this blogging business. The 7th of Feb was my last post and the day after, well in the early hours of the 8th Feb as most of my facebook and ravelry friends will already know, I did give birth to Maddox James Reilly:

So he's now 4 months!

When I do have a little down time I am still weaving 4 inch squares. I have woven 120 so far and have just started my 5th ball of Noro Kureyon sock.

Pictured is 2 balls, I've added a ball in shades of brown, and a ball with a mix of colours with a little urple since then.
I don't know what I'm going to find to blog about apart from Maddox and a few more woven sqares but I will try and make an effort to post something on a weekly basis!

Monday, February 07, 2011


Well not unexpectedly I have now reached my due date and am counting the days hoping the bump will arrive before the medical profession insist on inducing me! Neo was 2 weeks late, infact he was due 4th Jan 2004 and arrived on the 18th, so this baby could be here any time between now and the 19th Feb.

Infact Rosanna has started a Stork Pool in the limegreenjelly ravelry forum, whoever guesses closest to the day. Strangely enough my mum had all four of us on Thursdays!

So apart from gazing into space, moving into my new home, washing baby things and preparing for the new arrival I have been doing a little knitting and spinning. Infact I finished some singles last night and did some chain plying today.

I haven't had much of a knitting mojo of late but I did start some handspun thrummed mittens just before Christmas. I just need to stitch up the top of one and then pick up and do the thumbs, although it looks like we may have seen the last of the freezing weather.

They'll be able to keep my handies warm next winter while I'm pushing the bump around!