Saturday, February 21, 2015

A February Catch Up....

So February is drawing to a close and it's about time for a catch up! I finally finished the warp off that I put on the loom for the Hospice Vintage Fair. It is quite narrow but lots of fun, you can view a video of the whole thing here. Not sure what it will become yet, I may make some more bags!

 January saw me finally getting to grips with my knitting machine after it has been in storage for 5 years. I've been knitting some blanks up for the time being, yes and dyeing them!

and with the loom being free I soon got the blanks warped and wove a couple of scarves, although I wove scarf one at less ppi than scarf 2 and scarf 2 has a much better feel to it, the moral to this tale, sample you nitwit, you had plenty of yarn! Anyway now I've got a better idea how much warp and weft I need for one of these I will probably experiment a little more with the hand painting and add some more colour!

See you in March!