Monday, December 22, 2014

And now for something completely different......

So this could be my last post of 2014, I have disappointed myself by blogging 3 times (ok this is 4) this year.

But I don't want to give my blog up! I want to blog, I'm sure I can find things to blog about, so really all I need to do is make time! My second failing in 2014 was I wanted to sew more, I made one dress, there is a second dress cut out, this has been cut out since April and stored carefully in a shoe box, there is also a growing fabric stash! My 3rd, I might aswell make it a hat trick fail, I was going to sign up to do my Certificate of Achievement in Dyeing. I did start a notebook and dyed some samples.

I don't really think of any of these things as fails really,  I have achieved an awful lot this year.

So....something completely different, I went out to Tescos earlier to buy a dvd player, this is the second time I've been to Tescos to buy a dvd player and come away without one, simply because I am unable to make a decision once I get there, faced with the choices on offer. Do I want upscaling, will I notice the difference, etc.

Anyway I didn't quite come home empty handed, I purchased this:

I flicked through it and it made me smile, it was released in wasn't overly expensive. If you want to buy a knitter or crocheter a last minute stocking filler I would suggest you GET THIS BOOK!

There is a website from where the book has originated from, even better halfway down the page on the website is a picture of a friends husband in an Elvis wig she knitted him (6 degrees of separation and all that)

My only bugbear in this book is this:

Why does Mr Hankey the Christmas Poo offend.....oh it's not the is the words 'handy knitted version......,IT IS CROCHET!

I don't mind the book containing crochet, but if it is crochet PLEASE don't refer to it as knitting!

So a book review, I may even find more books to review in 2015. There will hopefully be more sewing, more knitting, more weaving, more dyeing, more spinning and MORE BLOG POSTS about it all.