Thursday, October 17, 2013

Picture Heavy Catch Up!

So, another month has rushed past. No sooner had I done my last post when I realised I'd forgotten the yarns that I spun. Possibly the first yarns I have spun this year. I spun 2 skeins of singles during the Tour de Fleece, and then went on to spin a merino cashmere and silk 2 ply.

It's been all go on the make stuff for Winter fairs production line.

In total there have been 5 neck cosies, and 5 scarves all made in time for the 5th October fair.

These 3 are all handpainted! I have also done 2 handspun, one from stash yarn and the other from some thick and thin bulky I spun up one night.

As for the scarves there were 2 more lace spaced warps, although one of these met a sad end as there is a fine line between gently fully and felting alpaca/cashmere/silk and I had to find it oops.

I also made 2 handspun singles scarves (using the yarn from the first picture) to make up for the one I killed, and then I managed to kill another one in the washing machine, ooops! But hand fulled the second one.

I also got a new camera this month (I'm still in September) and finished another cotton scarf

Yup picture heavy! So I'll save Octobers projects for my next post and try to get it up before the end of the month!