Monday, April 17, 2017

Eggstra all about it!

So here we are in April and I've not managed a blog post since January! I do manage to surprise myself with my inconsistent blogging, but what does it matter really. The years do pass in a bit of a blur, I have to stop and think about what has happened so far!

The main events in February being Maddox's 6th birthday, Elaine and Dave's wedding and a 90th Birthday Party. I managed to lose my bestest woven shawl, then found it the next day! There was weaving, I made a really wide warp in fine cotton and wove yardage in Noro sekku! I'm hoping to turn it into some kind of tunic one day!

March saw me join a new facebook weaving group (Weaving Chat UK) and immediately sign up for a weaving challenge where you exchanged details with another weaver and sent them some wool and they sent you some wool and you wove something with the wool! Here is what I made:

I'm really pleased with how it turned out!

Then the end of March saw me warp up for another quick scarf, all cotton this time....

April arrived! Not got much done as it's Easter holidays but I have managed to finish a sewing project for my sister which needed to be done and out the way, and I've finally cast on some knitting! Only handwarmers, but a good park project for when Maddox is off playing!

Speaking of handwarmers....I ran my first 10k last Sunday (9th April) and my dear husband lost one of my Scrunchie Handwarmers while I was running. Yep these:

I'd been thinking of knitting some more anyway but when I checked Ravelry to see how long I had,  had them I knitted them in December 2007, they did have a good life, didn't they! Trekking don't make this colourway any more or I could reknit a new one!

I'm still finding a little time for spinning! I've just finished off some bfl I've been spinning for a couple of weeks, and there's always a little doodling going on in the background.

So that's me all caught up for now, I do try and keep my Instagram up to date with my current projects and I've got a pile of fibre to put in my etsy shop and I need to make a new warp, so off I trot....till next time X