Sunday, January 17, 2010

Scrunchie Rides Again!

I could probably knit this pattern in my sleep. Wouldn't that be great sleep knitting, just think how much you would get done! The yarn is trekking xxl, knit on 2mm. I may still knit another pair are missing presumed lost....I can't actually think of where I had them last, they may still turn up, but it's looking unlikely. I do need some knitting on the needles for Wednesday (knitjam) although it would be nice to get my Swallowtail finished before I cast on something else.

I think this pair will be for my neice as her mum had a pair while I was visiting at Christmas and I said I would knit her a pair too.

Not alot else to show at the moment, there has been a little bit of spinning, and I washed some skeins today so maybe some yarn photos later in the week!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Take The Weather With You!

There has been a bit of snow causing havoc in the UK this week. More snow than I have seen since the 1970s!

I did manage to finish my camel/silk. It's not really a contender for the 800yard race, I had 576 yards, which was a little disappointing, although I think I could achieve 700 with a different fibre. No photos yet, I've not got around to washing it!

Apart from that I've been doing some garment sketches for my City and Guilds Handknitting, and working on some tv handwarmer knitting.

I also want to say a big Happy Birthday to Marianne, for Tuesday! Happy Birthday Big Sis, hope you have a lovely birthday! xoxox

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

So here we are in 2010! Some people have been busy writing resolutions and goals for the New Year, I'm not really someone who bothers with all that much and I don't feel that you have to set yourself goals to feel you have achieved something, it's really down to the individual.

I didn't consciously set any goals for 2009, and if you look at my knitting projects there are probably less projects finished last year to the 3 years recorded previously, but if you look at my Handpainted Fibre Set you can see just how productive I really was. Then add to that a few scarves and a several skeins of yarn and I actually achieved quite a bit. I've put together a little photo mosaic of some of the projects, I think my Clapotis is missing at the moment. It must be in flickr as its in my Ravelry projects but sometimes it's like looking for a needle in a haystack when I haven't added it to the right set. I think I may just put knitting, weaving and handspun for 2010 in a Set of their own together rather than have a set for each!

I am happy that everything I did in 2009 enriched my well being. My spinning has really improved and I've made a start with weaving....but 2010 needs to have some new challenges ...I may not achieve all of them, but I am trying to set myself achievable goals as oppose to setting my sights on something just a little out of reach like a Number 1 single in the charts.

Spinning....I would like to learn some different drafting techniques, and to conquer my fear of Long Draw.

I'm also going to try spinning and sampling more yarns, and will be setting up some more spinning challenges in the limegreenjelly group on Ravelry.

Knitting....I need to design and knit 2 garments for my City & Guilds Handknitting.

Weaving....I'm going to spin up my pick and mix faux cashmere/silk yarns and weave a scarf (once the current scarf project os off the loom)

Talking of challenges we are still having an 800yard Race in the limegreenjelly group on Ravelry, anyone is welcome to join. I have some camel/silk on the wheel at the moment which I am hoping will be a contender!