Thursday, October 17, 2013

Picture Heavy Catch Up!

So, another month has rushed past. No sooner had I done my last post when I realised I'd forgotten the yarns that I spun. Possibly the first yarns I have spun this year. I spun 2 skeins of singles during the Tour de Fleece, and then went on to spin a merino cashmere and silk 2 ply.

It's been all go on the make stuff for Winter fairs production line.

In total there have been 5 neck cosies, and 5 scarves all made in time for the 5th October fair.

These 3 are all handpainted! I have also done 2 handspun, one from stash yarn and the other from some thick and thin bulky I spun up one night.

As for the scarves there were 2 more lace spaced warps, although one of these met a sad end as there is a fine line between gently fully and felting alpaca/cashmere/silk and I had to find it oops.

I also made 2 handspun singles scarves (using the yarn from the first picture) to make up for the one I killed, and then I managed to kill another one in the washing machine, ooops! But hand fulled the second one.

I also got a new camera this month (I'm still in September) and finished another cotton scarf

Yup picture heavy! So I'll save Octobers projects for my next post and try to get it up before the end of the month!

Monday, September 02, 2013

July & August

It's been a busy couple of months inspite of the holidays...I'm going to do a quick round up of everything I can remember I have made since June!

In no particular order I'll start with July, I made some more lavender bags, 10 infact. I made 4 when I did the hospice fair back in June, which I sold but forgot to take any photos of them....they are simple little things with handwoven fronts and recycled linen fabric backs.

Next up this month there has been a little knitting, infact there was a bit of knitting that got frogged so we won't talk about that, but I was fed up of carrying a ball around in a carrier bag, when we were young we had a net bag which we carried a ball around in, infact I've heard that balls were sold in these little net bags although I don't remember, anyway I decided I would knit a cotton bag for the ball and found the perfect pattern over on ravelry....

Annoyingly blogger has rotated my photo and I don't know how to fix it, this wasn't perfect knitting at it's best either, but it's functional! Although saying that since I knitted the bag we haven't actually been out with the ball!

I also made this scarf in July, black cotton on cotton warp with some wool.

and finishing the same warp off another scarf in cotton (August project) weird how this one is the right way up (I haven't the foggiest)!

Finally as Autumn starts to rear it's head, I have booked a couple of Winter fairs and have set myself the task of making one thing every week for my stalls.

These neck cosies are knitted in chunky yarn that I have dyed myself!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

May and June

1st up we have 2 scarves done on the same warp in Texere wool silk, which is quite rough and breaks really easily, although I can get it on the loom ok. This is May's projects.

Scarf 2

Scarf 3

These 3 spaced warps are June's projects. I also did 4 lavender bags with handwoven fronts yesterday before I went off to a fair at the local hospice, but they all sold before I'd even thought about taking photos.

I took Ruby out to the Hospice fair as they wanted me to do a public participation thing at the event, I decided the easiest thing was to warp something narrow for a banner and had the bright idea that they could hang the banner at the Hospice. I did try to get hold of a ready made warp but there weren't any available so I wound this in black with some brightly coloured cottons. It was 10m, I didn't know how much we would get through in a day. Turns out only 2.5m, but you wouldn't want to run out, and that leaves me a little to play around with.

there are some close up shots in my Ravelry projects here

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

April round up!

So here we are halfway through May, so it's about time I did my April round up.....

29th April I finished my Handspun scraps cardigan. Well it was blocked and I sewed the buttons on and thought I had sewn in all the ends, I think I have found a couple of underarm ends that got missed, I'll get around to it at some point. It weighs in at 398g and I was really pleased with the mother of pearl buttons.

 I also finished another little garter yoke cardigan, I love these little flower buttons! I altered the raglan increases this time around into left and right increases, because it looks nicer!

May looks like another busy month but I am already ahead on the project front, with the scraps cardigan out of the way I got back to weaving the cotton warp I had put on the loom back in February and finished it.
3m of fabric, just waiting for the perfect project to turn up!

The loom is already warped for 2 scarves, infact the first scarf was woven quickly and taken off the loom Monday. It's now waiting for wet finishing.

Friday, March 29, 2013

A Marching On We Go....

So February came and went and there has been quite a bit of knitting going on. One of the girls in my IT class was expecting a baby girl and was having a c section just before half term so I decided I'd whip her up a quick baby cardigan for her return to class.

I'm loosely trying to achieve at least one project a month, although if it all falls apart I'm not going to be hard on myself.

Feb 24th I finally cast on the Handspun Scraps Cardigan. Once I stumbled onto the 'perfect pattern' there was no stopping me. I have a few issues with the pattern, and my gauge but the body is almost finished and I am a few inches from finishing the first sleeve. Bearing in mind that I had to frog a weeks sleeve knitting (because I hadn't checked the fit, doh) I think I'm making good progress and will hopefully finish it in April.

Looks like Blogger is playing with my photo placement now, I'll just carry on regardless and see what happens!

Also in March I whipped up this little notebook cover for a weavalong in one of the Saori groups, no other weaving has been taking place, I've found I need to be 'almost' monogomous on my 'main' project or I'd not have made as much progress as I have!

Finally, last weekend I went on a breadmaking course, we made 2 different loaves Saturday and Sunday we made an enriched dough which we turned into Focaccia and Fougasse! Spurred on by my new found baking skills, today I've been making Hot Cross Buns!

Friday, February 01, 2013

250...a nice round number!

I am now putting square 250 on the Weavette.  I am aiming for 272 squares for a blanket that's 17 x 16. I still haven't chosen a colour to join them with or attempted to crochet any together. I try to tell myself that by the time I've joined 272 squares I'll be an expert, but I don't really have that much belief in my crochet skills. I'm not sure how long it's going to even take to join that many squares, watch this space!

I finally knuckled down and finished the 6m warp on Ruby (my Saori loom). I think I finished it off New Years Eve and New Years Day. Not got any definite plans for it at the moment, just vague musings for the time being!

So January arrived and I decided not to leave Ruby standing idle, but what to weave. I dug through the stash and found this handspun merino/angora/silk. There wasn't alot of it,(200m) it was spun back in 2008 and was actually dyed by Freyalyn. I hadn't taken delivery of my warping board or cross holder so I decided to keep it simple and work this yarn into a spaced warp scarf. I used an upright lazy kate as a makeshift cross holder and the actual warping, tying and weaving went painlessly. I did a little hand fulling (doesn't take me long to get bored of it) and I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.

Spurred on by the success of the spaced warp scarf and seeing a 7 Warp Weavalong in one of the Saori groups on Ravelry I decided I would give this a go, still without the warping board. I picked seven yarns from a bargain bag of part balls that had followed me home the week before. I then proceeded to make the warp holding all 7 yarns at once....this was probably the first mistake, then I didn't tie it properly and lost my cross. It was only a 3m warp so I decided to battle it out and get it on the loom.  Infact the whole thing was a battle, I had issues with tension due to the way the yarns were going in the clipping rod, some of the yarns were slipping and others were too thick, I also had tensioning problems with it on the loom, all part of the steep learning curve. There were times I thought I might have to give it up, cut it off the loom and chuck it in the bin, but I do have a stubborn streak and a waste not want not attitude.

So what does February have in store? for starters more squares,  if I can manage 3 squares a day I will have almost reached my target by next weekend, and warping Ruby for another weavalong in different Saori group. Then I'm going to tackle the handspun cardigan scraps yarn again. A wise woman has told me to set myself 5 goals, if I complete the 5 I can have 5 more....they are not quite set in stone but top of the list (obviously) is to finish The Blanket of Perseverence, 2 is to make the Handspun Cardigan. Other projects are floating around the grey matter at the moment but one thing I would really like to achieve this year is some handmade clothing, whether it be woven, knitted or sewn.