Monday, September 02, 2013

July & August

It's been a busy couple of months inspite of the holidays...I'm going to do a quick round up of everything I can remember I have made since June!

In no particular order I'll start with July, I made some more lavender bags, 10 infact. I made 4 when I did the hospice fair back in June, which I sold but forgot to take any photos of them....they are simple little things with handwoven fronts and recycled linen fabric backs.

Next up this month there has been a little knitting, infact there was a bit of knitting that got frogged so we won't talk about that, but I was fed up of carrying a ball around in a carrier bag, when we were young we had a net bag which we carried a ball around in, infact I've heard that balls were sold in these little net bags although I don't remember, anyway I decided I would knit a cotton bag for the ball and found the perfect pattern over on ravelry....

Annoyingly blogger has rotated my photo and I don't know how to fix it, this wasn't perfect knitting at it's best either, but it's functional! Although saying that since I knitted the bag we haven't actually been out with the ball!

I also made this scarf in July, black cotton on cotton warp with some wool.

and finishing the same warp off another scarf in cotton (August project) weird how this one is the right way up (I haven't the foggiest)!

Finally as Autumn starts to rear it's head, I have booked a couple of Winter fairs and have set myself the task of making one thing every week for my stalls.

These neck cosies are knitted in chunky yarn that I have dyed myself!

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