Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Getting better!

I finished this yarn at the end of August, it's merino, I really like these colours!  I have recently finished another skein and have decided it's definitely time to get knitting on my handspun cardigan before I spin any more....I haven't cast anything on though. I need to do a couple of swatches but my knitting mojo is still awol!

Neo thought this was hilarious, no they're not my missing marbles....infact I'm not going to tell you what they are just yet......obviously balls of some kind....all will be revealed soon!


Not sure how these photos are going to look, I've copied them from flickr, it's the first substantial piece of cotton I've ever woven, and the most Saori, experimental piece. It's been waiting for me to make it into a bag, I suppose that's the good thing with scarves, apart from washing and fringes they don't really need alot doing with them once they come off the loom.

Last week I warped up the width of the loom so Neo could weave a cushion for his room, we've been recycling some of his old tshirts into yarn, once the cushion pad arrives I am going to let him loose on the sewing machine to help me complete the project!