Monday, October 27, 2008


Still I did manage a small update in the shop!

This Weeks Update

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Arrivals and Departures!

During September and October I had been thinking about replacing my Ashford Joy with a double treadle version, and while I was humming and ahhing over the expense of a new wheel somebody on Ravelry posted that they were going to be selling their Majacraft Little Gem, and that it would be available for a pick up in London late October. I slept on it, thought about it, and got in touch with the seller, we chatted through Ravelry and the decision was made.

So early last Saturday morning I delivered my Ashford Joy to it's new home. My SP10 buddy Jon jumped in first when I mentioned I was going to be selling Joy, as he has well and truly caught the spinning bug! Then Jon accompanied me to Clapham to pick up Jellybean my new portable wheel.

Watercolour Dreams

This is one of the last projects completed with the help of Joy, and plied on PukaPuka. Watercolour Dreams was a superwash fibre, I started spinning it back in August, and decided to ply it with a silk thread to make the 100g of fibre go a little further!

I have already spun my first skein of yarn on Jellybean, early this week, so weather permitting, I should hopefully get some shots of that up soon too!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Party Girl!

Sorry to keep you in suspense, Rosie got it straight away, it is indeed a tea cosy! It's called Party Girl, and was designed by Loani Prior from the forthcoming book Wild Tea Cosies, which should be available in December! I've been asked to knit a couple of tea cosies in readiness for the book launch. Here she is in pride of place, sorry I can't take any credit for any of these beautiful cakes either!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Mysterious Object!

Bigsock has been at Mew Mew's Yarn shop in Louisville, Colorado since Labor Day, September 1st, I just had to show you Mew Mew napping on the job, one of my favourite photos of the sock on it's journey so far! I've just had word that it has reached it's new destination....Alaska!!

This week I have been finishing off my Lavender Bags.

And knitting a mysterious object!

Hmmmmmm.......what could it be?

Special thanks to Rosie, she sent me a pompom tool in the first UK Ravelry Swap, and it came in handy while I beavered away on 27 pompoms for this project!

Can you tell what it is yet? I shall reveal all.......soon!

I'm also the lucky recipient of two 'I Love Your Blog' awards! First Victor and also Peri gave me the award on the last post, and if they hadn't been the two that nominated me in the first place, well they'd be up there at the top of the list as I love your blogs too! I had also recieved a reward ealier in September from Angie, I always enjoy reading what you've been upto too Angie, and look on in wonderment as you fit everything in!!

Its really hard to choose blogs to award because I love all the blogs that I visit on a regular basis, but I have picked a few out:

The first one I am giving to Caroline. I've alway found a visit to Caroline's blog brings a little peace and serenity, or just stops you in your tracks and makes you think or laugh!

The second one I am giving to Elsie Dinsmore, the 'Punk Pensioner!' I only found this blog this week, but how could you not love it!

Now according to the rules I think I'm supposed to nominate at least 4 bloggers for the award, but since I think everyone should get one I'm just going to stop there. If I'm a visitor at your blog, you can be sure of one thing, I do love your blog, and consider yourself a recipient of this award!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Sweet Smell of

...... Sussex Lavender!

This week I've mostly been working away on some lavender bags for Aardvark!

There have also been some new colours added to the shop:

This Weeks Fibre Update

And I'm also busy dyeing a few braids for this fabulous FREE local event:

In other lives Kim transformed this yarn (which she purchased through etsy)

into this scrumtious chevron scarf:

and matching hamdwarmers:

It's always a thrill to see my handspun yarn complete it's journey, and also heartwarming to know it's so well loved and will be warming the neck and hands of a dear friend!