Sunday, January 05, 2014

Happy New Year!

The plan was to upload all my 2013 projects to flickr so I could make a nice mosaic around now with lots of pretty pictures of the things I had made last year. Unfortunately they are almost all on ravelry, but somewhere along the line I stopped uploading them to flickr so I'll give up on the idea for last year and try and do it this year instead!

This is the list of completed items for 2013 as it stands, 10 neck cosies, 16 scarves, 2 pieces of woven yardage, around 20 lavender bags, 4 woven notebook covers, 2 knitted baby cardigans, 1 pair of handwarmers, 400g handspun yarn, 1 handspun cardigan and a pair of Latvian mittens. I also knitted and stuffed a very small bear back in April who is STILL waiting for eyes and embroidery. I must finish him soon, it's not even for me, it's for my sister! Here he is:

So goodbye 2013, I finished the last thumb on my Latvian mitten kit on Christmas Day while watching Gone With The Wind (lets hope that never happens). I've enjoyed them so much I have ordered myself one of the few Latvian Mitten books that is still available for a reasonable price. I've cast on a free Latvian style mitten pattern for now just to have something on the needles.

I had set myself the goal of sewing something from my handspun in 2013 and so I have failed, there is a recycled skirt I was working on which has been abandoned in a pile of things that need sorting.  My goals for 2014 will just be to get to the end of the year without shouting too much, to try and finish some of the abandoned little things that need doing and to sew more, watch this space!