Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day!

Belated greetings to all my friends near and far, here we are on Boxing Day, most of December passed in a blur and although I did knit a couple of gifts these are secret knitting and not for sharing.

I have been detangling my skein of lace yarn with a vengeance whilst watching tv this week and it's getting there, maybe a few more days of obsessive fiddling. It's funny how the detangling has almost become like stocking stitch, apart from the travelling backwards into a ball thing. It's just good to see I'm actually getting somewhere with it, but I also need to get to work on designing my garments for my City & Guilds Handknitting. I let the course lapse this year, but want to get back into the swing of it.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Joker

Last weekend I started spinning this:

The Joker

It was uploaded to flickr at the end of August last year, and it was right down at the bottom of one of my 'stash sacks'

The colours reminded me of Heath Ledgers outfits as The Joker in The Dark Night so that's what I called it.

It's merino, I have 350m, just over 100g, and I have another one to spin!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Eyelet Cap!

And here we are finally, the hat was finished in the middle of last week just in time for the Guild Fashion Show, but the weather has been mostly wet and grey. Managed to get a couple of photos done just before another downpour today!

I adjusted the pattern for fit a little, by doing one less of the eyelet repeats, as it would have been too big for me.

I'm pleased with the way the hat co-ordinates with the scarf, and have enough yarn left to make some gloves, if I could decide on a pattern. I did look at doing some eyelets but they didn't work too well on my wrists, so I'm thinking of doing something simple with some cabling maybe!

Not alot going on at the moment, I pulled the Swallowtail out and knitted a couple of rows yesterday. I have 6 more rows till the cast-off so I will try and get that done and dusted before Christmas now!

I'm still detangling the lace....there's a scarf on the loom and I'm rifling through the spinning stash but still undecided about what to spin next!