Thursday, July 09, 2015

Happy July!

2 weeks ago tomorrow I drove up to Woolfest and back again! It's 8 hours but I'm not complaining about the driving, we left at 4.30am and arrived by lunchtime. It was good fun catching up with old friends and enjoying the sights and sounds!

This is my modest little collection, I did say I wasn't going to buy any fibre but couldn't resist this little 'goodie bag'.

There has been a little spinning going on, although my wheel had to have a new lower band whilst at Woolfest which meant I didn't get to spin at the spin-in, then whilst plying this week my upper band broke, luckily I had a spare, which reminds me I have to order another one now. Still I think I have had the same bands on since I have had that wheel and I'm sure I've had it since 2008, plus who knows how old my Little Gem 1, actually is, I expect they were original!

This was superwash, nylon, stellina, dyed by me and chain plied!

Finished plying this yesterday whilst waiting in for a parcel. It's Southern Cross Fibre colourway Huckleberry Train from the 2011 Fibre Club, purchased in a destash earlier this year!

Put this on the loom this week. I treated myself to this purple ready made warp when I went up to Fibre East in 2013.

Dotted Rays has been on hold for a few weeks waiting for me to get hold of the right colour. In the mean time I've been weaving more squares on my weavette. Always a handy mindless project when I haven't got anything else on the go!