Thursday, April 22, 2010


I finished the 3ply this week. It didn't actually turn out quite how I  imagined. When I split the fiber up I had 7 pieces following the same colour sequence so I figured if I made each piece into 3 then I would have 7 repeats of the colours. I know some of my pieces were thicker than others but didn't think it would split the colours up quite as much as it did, still I'm pleased with the result!

I had been warned that the fibre would bleed a little so I did fix it with a couple of big spoons of citric and bring it up to cook slowly. There wasn't alot of bleed in the water at the end, but the brighter yellow and lime are a little more muted in places, but it hasn't spoiled it!

I have 130g and 450metres, ideal for socks which is handy because we are having a spin/knitalong in the limegreenjelly group over on Ravelry at the moment, I'm hoping it will be suitable for the pattern which is the Leyburn Socks!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad!

The knitting is still plodding steadily, and I have managed to get a little more spinning done. Good job really as Scraps Swap 2 and Scraps Swap 3 (400g of scraps) have arrived and I can't really start spinning them until I finish this 3ply!