Thursday, October 23, 2008

Arrivals and Departures!

During September and October I had been thinking about replacing my Ashford Joy with a double treadle version, and while I was humming and ahhing over the expense of a new wheel somebody on Ravelry posted that they were going to be selling their Majacraft Little Gem, and that it would be available for a pick up in London late October. I slept on it, thought about it, and got in touch with the seller, we chatted through Ravelry and the decision was made.

So early last Saturday morning I delivered my Ashford Joy to it's new home. My SP10 buddy Jon jumped in first when I mentioned I was going to be selling Joy, as he has well and truly caught the spinning bug! Then Jon accompanied me to Clapham to pick up Jellybean my new portable wheel.

Watercolour Dreams

This is one of the last projects completed with the help of Joy, and plied on PukaPuka. Watercolour Dreams was a superwash fibre, I started spinning it back in August, and decided to ply it with a silk thread to make the 100g of fibre go a little further!

I have already spun my first skein of yarn on Jellybean, early this week, so weather permitting, I should hopefully get some shots of that up soon too!


Marianne said...

Yay! Congrats on your new wheel!
Your spinning is so beautiful, and Watercolour Dreams is just yummy, the colours.

Anonymous said...

Oh congratulations on your new wheel . I love the Little Gem and its a great travel wheel too; I am sure you will both be happy. Plus you are spreading the spinning fever by enabling others to get a wheel too;)
Love the spinning also and I too have just used silk thread to make a little go a long way to make a knitted gift

Rosie said...

Happy new wheel!

BabyLongLegs said...

Thankyou for buying the Majacraft traveller.....

.....if I'd got it instead, I wouldn't now have Louet Victoria....and she is GLORIOUS!!!

Glad you are having fun with her :)

S xXx

Lah Lah said...

Sounds fab and the yarns look scrummy, I'd really like to see a pic of the wheel too.

Anonymous said...

Wow! All of your spins are gorgeous!!! Maybe I should consider a getaway when my life settles down (and it will) to have you teach me to spin. That could be fun!