Sunday, January 17, 2010

Scrunchie Rides Again!

I could probably knit this pattern in my sleep. Wouldn't that be great sleep knitting, just think how much you would get done! The yarn is trekking xxl, knit on 2mm. I may still knit another pair are missing presumed lost....I can't actually think of where I had them last, they may still turn up, but it's looking unlikely. I do need some knitting on the needles for Wednesday (knitjam) although it would be nice to get my Swallowtail finished before I cast on something else.

I think this pair will be for my neice as her mum had a pair while I was visiting at Christmas and I said I would knit her a pair too.

Not alot else to show at the moment, there has been a little bit of spinning, and I washed some skeins today so maybe some yarn photos later in the week!


Marianne said...

was that "Heigh Ho Scrunchie!"?
They're fantastic mitts! and I agree, wouldn't it be wonderful to knit whilst sleeping? could get SO much more accomplished, knitting-wise ;^)

KimK said...

hmmmmmmm... knitting while sleeping... sounds good to me! Cute mitts!

Sheila said...

Wonderful mitts. I love the intense purple!

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