Monday, March 05, 2007

Life's a Peach

This is the first fibre off my Ashford Joy wheel, its free fibre of the random sheep variety, because I didn't want to use up any of my bestest batts while getting aquainted with Joy.

I'd dyed the fibre up with Kool-aid, and the one thing about kool-aid is it has left it smelling lovely and fruity.

All the time I've been spinning this up I've been unhappy with the colour, and even talked of overdying it.But there's something about it, an almost rustic feel to it, and when it comes to overdying it, that again is a whole new world to explore, and I didn't really where I was going with a new colour, was I going to try and make it a darker richer red, or just overdye it something completely different.

It could easily be said from my last two posts that I do suffer a bit with perfectionism, and I know this is a perfectly good yarn, I was going to say it isn't saying anything but maybe my negativity about the colour impedes my hearing because I can see it knitted up into a garment.

There's 250g or thereabouts in an aran weight and all it has said so far is don't put me in the dyepot.

Hang on I hear a faint whisper....someone will love me put me in your etsy shop!

Dare I think about opening an etsy shop? I've been thinking about it for a little while. I've made alot of stuff over the last few years with the intention of selling it, and I've got new ideas and things developing and etsy looks like a good place to be, so I'm gathering my gumption together and giving it a go, what's the worst that could happen....

I'll make a little song and dance when I'm ready to open.

Finding Water this week is about Uncovering a Sense of Support, and I find alot of support amongst my fellow bloggers and the comments that you all leave for me, and I'd just like to thankyou all, passers by, commenters, visitors.


Seahorse said...

You should absolutely go for it with an Etsy shop! Your yarns are lovely!

Charity said...

An Etsy shop - what an exciting idea! :)

I love this yarn - I think it's beautiful.

Caroline said...

Sell something? Great idea!

Is fibre dyed in Koolaid really washable?

I've never been into dye so have no idea.

Marianne said...

Jo, I told you before I know, but this yarn is so pretty, and fresh, and I could almost take a bite out of it, I love it.
I'm looking forward to the song and dance about when you open your Etsy shop, will your devoted ones here get previews? (please?).

Anonymous said...

Why ever not? I would love some beautiful, fruity-smelling pretty colored yarn I did not dye or spin myself. And then think - wow, I know who made that!?! Start practicing, Jo - we're waiting for the show!!!
(Thanks for the birthday wishes, too. That Marianne...)

Artis-Anne said...

That's a lovely peachy yarn :)
Re Etsy, go for it and start selling, I have thought about doing the same but done nothing about it so far . I just wonder how much folks will pay though as some prices are ridiculous high. I & you know how many hours & love we put into creating our yarns and we will never get paid in full for that, so would it be worth it ? I don't know . Sorry if I am being blunt here but its the main reason I haven't been selling my own yarns