Wednesday, May 09, 2007


There's been a hum of activity around here this week, so I thought I'd just show you some snippets of what's been going on:

On the floor

I've finally started blocking my Vogue cardigan, it's only been sitting around since Easter, that's the fronts and sleeves you can see, just the back left to do. I do have a bit of an issue with the sleeves, according to the pattern the measurement around the upper arm should be 11 inches, now I dont have Jennifer Aniston upper arms, but they're not bingo wings either, but mine clock in at 12 inches, I've blocked the sleeves to this and hope that they might give a little bit, or this cardigan could be winging its way to someone with skinnier arms than me.

On the spindle

I've been spinning up the fibre that Susie gifted to me in the Knitters Treat Exchange.

On the Joy

I'm test spinning some Suffolk lambs fleece for Rachel


Ang said...

oh how wonderful, looking forward to seeing the cardi finished. The yarn you're spinning looks lovely, great colours.

Marianne said...

"Bingo wings"??? I clock in at 11.75, heh...the cardi pieces look so pretty....and that's beautiful spindled yarn there, missy.
Ditto on the Joy spinning.
snip snip snip snip

picperfic said...

had to go and find a tape measure....I'm 11.75" too!Can't wait to see the cardi...I might be visiting you for some spinning lessons! I want to make pretty, fluffy, yummy yarn too!

Seahorse said...

Had to get a tape measure too! 11" would definitely be a squeeze on me as well.

Love all the colours in this post

Anonymous said...

Does "anybody" normal have 11" arm circumference?! And with give, too! My arms are 11.5" and I need at least 12.5" to feel comfortable.
Your yarn is beautiful!

Fiberjoy said...

Descriptive words for arms! 11" would fit my thin, twenty-something daughter. I like to have ample space in a cardi for layers underneath & i hate having my arms feel bound.

Lovely spinning. You have been busy.

KimK said...

Bingo wings -- tee hee hee!!

Artis-Anne said...

Look forward to seeing your cardi finished .
I too have the green colour from Rachel and will hopefully get to start it tonight :)

plumbum said...

Hi Jo, just paying a return visit from up here in Orkney on the Windswept Isle.

Lovely stuff. I need to spend time here, looking around.

Ang said...

Re Clive Barker. The Damnation Game is great, those are the only too Barker books I have.

Sheila said...

Can't wait to see the assembled cardi. Happy Mother's Day.