Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fibres in waiting and more spun stuff!

I am desperate to get my hands on this giant batt, but for the moment am havingsatisfy myself with just opening the hobby cupboard and taking a look. I love the mixture of subtle colours but especially that shot of lime green at the end. It's a merino/silk mix purchased from Winghams whilst at Woolfest.

This second roving is also a merino/silk mix from P & M Woolcraft

So everything is on hold this week, while I finish my homework, and prepare things for a fair in Worthing on Saturday. I did manage to finish a baby cardigan, and my friend Astrid finished sewing up my Vogue cardigan for me and has also offered to do any sewing up I need in future. I really enjoy the knitting but I don't like putting things together, she likes to see a project come together in the sewing stages. Both finished items are awaiting fastenings, especially the baby cardigan, I actually finished it at Knitjam last Wednesday, and the baby is a week old today.

This is the silk hankies I had dyed here and was actually spun up and finished pre Woolfest, the black and white have mixed together to give it a wonderful silvery sheen!

This is 30g of merino 2ply spun on my baby Bosworth, last week, and plied on the Joy, about 72 metres, 27 wpi.

This is 30g of silk, again spun up on the baby Bosworth and plied on the Joy. It was lurking in my stash, from Ally Palace last year. I just wanted to try out spinning some silk fibre as oppose to the hankies that I've tried n the past. It's slghtly finer than the merino and therefore is about 116metres. I'm not sure if I like the colours though I've lightened the photos so you can see but in the actual skein it's more subtle, I just feel it's a bit dark, and dreary, especially for July.

I'm now waiting for some Tussah silk top, that I dyed last night to dry. The scattered showers aren't helping. Where is the sun we were promised!


  • Get fastenings for cardigans and do photos, blog it!
  • Take photos of cloudy skies
  • Draft next lot of silk hankies
  • Finish labelling and pricing for the fair Saturday
  • Finish homework for knitting course on Sunday

And last but not least my invite for Ravelry dropped into my inbox this morning, something else to do...but may help me keep track of everything eventually!


Marianne said...

Mmmmm. the fibre batt is so lovely, those colours! It ALL looks so beautiful!
Looking forward to seeing the Vogue sweater and the baby cardi!

Good luck at the fair!

(we had two dry days..Sat and Sun. it rained yesterday and today...sigh)

Artis-Anne said...

i too have one of those Wingham batts which i am dying to get my hands on but I have other stuff to finiosh first :( Great yrans you have spun there and I love the colours of the silk one and not all 'dark & dreary ':)
Sounds like you have lot on at the moment :)
I am still waiting for my invite to join Ravelry ; think it might be an eye opener !!

Peri said...

A fair in Worthing? Is it fibre related?

Love that silk mix as well - lovely colours!

Peri said...

Thanks for the info - may head out for a looksie as Worthing isn't that far for me.

KimK said...

Oh, you stinker! :) I was late to get my name on the Ravelry list, so I probably have ages before I get my invite.

Have fun!

Tusa said...

A fair in Worthing? What fair? I live there please do tell...

picperfic said...

oh Jo, that top photo looks lovely and i too love the shot of green at the edge! Good luck with the show!

Peri said...

What's your Ravelry name? I'm on there too - as Loobles.