Thursday, November 15, 2007

Eek! I have nothing to show you!

I have been beavering away on college homework knitting (we are on necklines) with good intentions of actually getting it done on time, apart from the time I'm being distracted by online form of Scrabble, although I can knit and play at the same time! Rosedale United is doing well, the sleeves are attached and I'm creeping up the yoke, stitch by stitch!

I gaze longingly at my wheel, I do have a commission of some silk to spin for a friend, to knit a scarf for her husband, so I will be there soon!

You may have noticed my small is beautiful button over in the sidebar, go and read the manifesto and you will understand what it is all about. I started this blog as a record of the stuff that I made, and basically it stays that way, but along the way I have met some very special people, and it makes me happy.
I really don't know where I'm going with all this at the moment, but I just want to make sure you all know how much I appreciate all the comments and love you bring my way. You make this blog the small and beautiful place that it is!
I'm not much of a writer, which is why I struggle sometime's with the public blog writing thing and my blog ends up with more picture's than words, although my friends also know that I can witter on via e-mail.

You also have to be a bit fearless and brave to 'put it out there' in the public forum of your blog, I don't know why I fear this so much and after making so many good friends maybe it's time I just came out of the closet and stopped hiding behind my hanks!*
I really admire people who can write, like Mrs K, as a prime example of someone who is good with words, can spin a story and make us all laugh with a good rant, I'd like to search for the writer in me, if there is one, and while I'm finding my voice, I'm also adding new blogs I've found on my journey, come with me if you like. The first one in there is note to self, and Kyran's writing this week also led me to flawed but authentic which is talking about Where You Find Inspiration, and from there onto Fluid Pudding. Fluid Puddings list of 100 things is one of the best I've seen so far.

Inspiration is a funny thing, a bit like co-incidence, I think another reason I think I can't write is because my thoughts aren't coherant and I wander off at a tangent, and expect everyone else to just keep up with it all. I'm still not even sure what I'm trying to say! No giggling at the back!
* what was I saying... usually if I write too much in a blog post I spend alot of time reading, re-reading and even just deleteing the whole thing and starting over, like writing words and talking about inner things is too much, so I'm just going to post this one, it's the third revision but I'm not going to over analyze it, just going to hit the button and put it out there!

Unfortunately, I can't even take the credit for the cat photo, but she's a right tart for the camera, our Willow.


picperfic said...

well for a 'nothing to post' post this was nice...perhaps you'll photograph the silk for us to see when it's done?

picperfic said...

yoh! love the updated post...I am off to investigate that button....

Marianne said...

Oooh, listen to you.... but I do know what you mean, honestly, while I'm away from the pc I think of great things to write, have it all worked out what I'm going to write, how I'm going to write it and get to the pc and WHAM! the door slams shut and "I got nothin'". But you DO have something, and I loved this post and the rambling about, and you know what they say... every picture is worth a thousand words.. that and every picture has a story ("don't it?")

Anonymous said...

Was someone complaining about all of this...this glorious fibre foto galor-ness? Is there a twisted person out there passing judgement on blogland? Huh. We love you too, just exactly the way you are. As far as being incoherent - I'm not sure I'd worry too much about that - if we couldn't follow the meaning of your heart and hands we wouldn't be reading.

Speaking from the blog-free corner of the world (no nagging, I can't even get my work done, much less write this stuff, take pictures that don't suck and actually look like the object in front of the lens, AND produce stuff to actually photo) - you got it all over us! No worries, no fears. Mwah!

Mrs Woman said...

Echoing what everyone else has said, maybe you modestly just don't recognise the value of your blog style? 'Sall about individuality, expressing who we are and what we do. Give yourself permission to be proud that you don't always have to be loud! ; )

BTW one of our torties is called Willow too. LOL.

Seahorse said...

Well, as someone who found your blog 'randomly', I must protest that you can indeed write well and make things entertaining! I could have passed on by with no worry of causing offence but it's always a delight to read here and see your pics. Don't undervalue yourself!

Artis-Anne said...

I do understand what you are saying as I feel the same re my blog and it takes forever for me to do a post (hence my absence )but I love visiting your blog which is why I come here :)
Take heart , your great the way you are :)

blog-blethers said...

Your spun yarn is just gorgeous!

Ang said...

I absolutely adore your blog, your yarn and find you a very inspirational lady. I think you found me...certainly glad you did so.

Off to have a look at this button of yours.

Anonymous said...

Great post. Yes, it's strange how we publicly blog. There is a pull to blog, to share in words and pictures. Remembering that blogging is a way of recording whatever/however your thoughts.

Scrabulous! Thanks I really don't need something so enticing to suck more time from existence. But how can I resist an online scrabble game?