Friday, March 07, 2008

Watch Out Humphrey's About

Sorry to my overseas readers, the title of this post is referring to an advert for milk from my childhood, although this post has nothing to do with milk!

If any of you subscribe to Berocco Knitbits you may have already seen Humphrey, but what you may not realise is I am one of the designer's that Norah Gaughin met on Ravelry.

Basically I joined the Norah Gaughin fans group in Ravelry, and since Norah was a member there I decided to add her to my friends. When Norah added me to her friends I sent her a message thanking her, and telling her how much I love her work, and next thing you know I'm crocheting another little bear, like the one I made last year, and I'm writing up the pattern for Berocco, all thanks to Ravelry!

Actually that reminds me I didn't get around to stitching that second bear up, that would be another FO for this year!
There is a little knitting going on, I am knitting cakes for a window display for an Art Gallery and Cake Shop opening early May. I am desperate to start 'something' but that something eludes me at the moment, and I'm feeling a little lost.

There is also a little dyeing going on (pictured), I had a small order to supply a local Crafts Website with some handpainted fibre in 5 colourways, these are 50g bundles for feltmaking!

And there's been a little spinning going on!

I was attempting to spin a 3 ply sock yarn, although it's a little on the thick side, and wouldn't do a pair of socks. This is my first 3ply, and it needs a little work, I'm not sure how I feel about it, but I'll keep practicing!


Charity said...

How exciting! :0) I love your dyeing, and the 3 ply looks great. I'm mentally trying to get used to the idea of a 3-ply, but am still a ways from actually trying it!

Marianne said...

Your 3 ply looks fantastic!
Hey! I get the Berocco newsletter and saw those little critters! and they're yours!!!
I also read Norah's blog (although I'm usually too shy to comment, she being a Designer.... (I also won her Vol.1 collection book from the Berocco site, how's about that?)
But how positively cool for you!!!!!
(I'm just squealing like a little piglet over here for you!)

Marianne said...

For heavens sake... your fibre braids are Gorgeous, as always!

Anonymous said...

I love the dyes that you come up with Jo. I'm excited for you! Happy weekend!

picperfic said...

Jo, I am so pleased for you and how exciting is that?? I just love the 3ply yarn you have spun up, the colour is my absolute favourite, I am always drawn to it.

Anonymous said...

Great news Humphrey!
And the dyed fibre looks awesome!

Ang said...

Oh how cool, well done you!

Your sock yarn looks great too.

Anonymous said...

and watch out 'cos there's a parcel going in the post tomorrow...

Unknown said...
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