Wednesday, May 21, 2008

G is for....

Garter Stitch

Garter stitch triangles! These are going to be made into bunting to decorate the Kent Guilds stand at the Kent show. We were given a small bag of fibre with three colours in, I also added some extra colours from my stash and spun a fine 2ply yarn, I actually got 85metres from 20g which just made four triangles although I did have to spin a couple more yards to finish the last triangle.


I am quite behind with my ABC, but still hoping to get there in the end the restriction I have imposed upon myself to keeping it craft themed has held me up a little, I have got some ideas for H so I better get knitting!

Again apologies for the delay in drawing the Ashes of Roses Contest, there were 5 correct entries, the book (and following mini series) I was referring to was (of course) The Thorn Birds by Colleen Mc Cullough, when I set the contest I went over to YouTube and found a few clips, oh how the music just catches me and gets me blubbing all over again!

Anyway without further ado the winner as drawn from the bucket by Neo today was Ikkinlala, now I can't find a bloglink for you so I do hope you pop back and check, please e-mail me and we can have a chat about what sort of prize you would like.

Talking of contests, I must show you these socks, the fibre was a superwash bluefaced leicester, dyed by me and won by Peri in the last contest I held, aren't they fabulous!


Marianne said...

Your bunting triangles are wonderful, Jo.
That fibre... I just want to dive in and roll in it. seriously.
Congrats to Ikkinlala!

Marianne said...

drats (addle brain here)... I DID go look at the socks Peri spun and knit from the BFL fibre, they're Gorgeous!

Heather said...

Love the greens, very beautiful, and I think the beads at the points of the triangles are a great idea. Hope the show goes well.

Sandra said...

Jo your bunting is fab - still have mine to do so had better get a shift on!
Hope the green fibre heaven (plus lots more) are available for Guild meeting.
love Sandra

picperfic said...

gorgeous colours in the bunting. You friend did well with those socks too!

Rosie said...

That's the loveliest bunting that I've ever seen. How long before we're seeing your work in Selvedge?

Hmm, what do you have up your sleeve for "H"?

Caroline said...

Hi Jo!

I love your bunting. I've been thinking about making bunting recently too - to put around our gazebo... I hadn't thought of knitting it... those little beads on the tips are a good idea too.

Peri said...

Ooooo gorgeous greens - so limpid!

Thanks for posting the sock link - I posted the other fibre about 5 minutes ago :-D

Strumpstickan said...

I love the colours of your yarn!

petrafanella said...

Thanks for entering my blog comp, I am very excited to discover your blog as I am totally in love with yarn!! That bunting is so beautiful, I would love to hand it off my ceiling. I must buy some of your yarn one day, I shall put it on my to do list!