Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tingle Tangle Tingle

It's been quite a busy week! Last Saturday night we went to see the Foo Fighters at Wembley. On Sunday it was my City and Guilds knitting class, and I've finally got a couple of garment ideas on paper, and am working out the pattern, but I'm having trouble picking out the yarn. I know I want it to be dark in colour and a 4ply weight, but I keep changing my mind. This morning while browsing yarns online I changed my mind again and thought maybe a cotton yarn would be better, the first samples I have made were knitted in cotton. So I'm going to hold off on the yarn purchase until I've knitted a few more samples. I'm just feeling a bit panicked because I've spent 5 months thinking about this idea instead of actually doing anything.

Yes oops! I've also been doing a little detangling, this is a skein of laceweight cashmere that my friend Clare (Nimu on Etsy) gave to me, it was a small skein and when I untied it to make it into a ball it just turned into a huge tangle, but I'm almost untangled now. The irony is I wasn't really thinking of casting on anything in particular, but just decided I wanted to make it into a ball ready, when the right project presents itself, I just love these colours!

I love these colours too, did I mention I've been trying out some new dyes? This is difficult to photograph but it's a dark mix of Jade and plum with a dash of purple, handspun superwash. The true colour is somewhere between the two photos! (Yes Sandra I know you want me to dye you some, I will be back at the dyepots this week!)

Our SP12 hostess has asked about our favourite Summer Tipple, I tend to be quite set in my ways in that I drink the same drinks all year round, strong tea, hot chocolate and orange squash (cordial), not all at the same time! Although another favourite Summer drink would have to be Kool Aid, I wouldn't want to drink it though!


Marianne said...

The colours in the cashmere laceweight ARE gorgeous! oooh, that was a big tangled mess, albeit a very soft one, eh?

Your newly dyed yarn is beautiful, nummy, as usual!

Good luck with your design and swatches... :^)

Anki said...

Foo Fighters, wow! They're playing at a festival in Stockholm today. I'd loved to see them but I'm too old for festivals ... My eldest daughter is there though so I guess I'll get to see pics and get inside information later on :-)

Anonymous said...

Those colors are wonderful! You have such a good eye!

Anonymous said...

Those colors are wonderful! You have such a good eye!

picperfic said...

Jo, that yarn looks amazing, the colour, between the two skeins must be so gorgeous, however, I like the shades in both the photos too!

I look forward to seeing your choice of yarn for the project.

My patience would have run out over that tangle!

Sheila said...

I have to ask, what is an orange squash. It sounds yummy. As are all your colors!

KimK said...

Your newly dyed yarn is beautiful! Are you going to sell it in your Etsy shop? What weight is it? I'd love to have some of that in my hands!