Thursday, July 17, 2008

Berry Gummy Box!

It's been a rather dull week, I'm busy with more felted rock, and knitting samples for my first sweater design.
I've also frogged Aprés Surf Hoodie, I was plodding along with it, but thought it looked a little small, only to discover that maybe my gauge was out (I had checked it) I was working on 3mm needles, instead of the recommended 3.25mm) but I think I actually should have been on the 3.25mm after all! I did go out Monday and buy myself the addi circ in the 3.25mm, but when I started to cast it on, I don't know I don't feel like starting it again, maybe I've fallen a little out of love with it, I'm actually thinking maybe I could do something else with the yarn, possibly even design something else, so we'll see!

Just to brighten the week up this came this morning! My first secret pal parcel!

Infact the photo really doesn't do this package justice, but it is a very grey day today, anyway it's a very Berry Gummy Box!
We have some bags of cranberries and blueberries, some gorgeous purple sock yarn, gummy bear needle huggers, gummy bears, a huge bar of berry milk chocolate (which won't last long round here), 2 heart shaped chocolates (Neo and I saw those off soon after the photos!) and 2 large bags of Grey Finn (which is a very rare sheep breed) and really squooshy, it's got the most fabulous crinkly crimp to it too, I'm really looking forward to spinning with this!

Thankyou very much SP, it's a great package, I'm going to head over to ravelry right away and see if I can find a sock pattern for that lovely purple yarn!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you liked ypur packet. I haven't spun with Grey Finn, but I would like to try it someday. I'm already planning the next surprise for you.

Have a nice weekend,

Secret Pal

Marianne said...

What a delightful Secret Pal you have! It's like a party in a box! :^)

I'll have to check on that Grey Finn, where does it come from? as in region of the world.. I know it comes from a sheep ;^)

Rosie said...

What a fab parcel, your SP must be lovely! Good luck with the designing.

Anonymous said...

Cool! Neat parcel!!

Caroline said...

Looks like a wonderful package to get!

(Sorry I've not been around much - I've not disappeared off the planet just off the computer for a bit... hope to be back in another week or so)

Anonymous said...

More information about Grey Finn can be found:

Secret Pal

Ang said...

What a lovely package.

picperfic said...

nothing like a secret swap to make your day! That package looks delicious and not just in the sweet department!