Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bits of Blah!

Early last week, I recieved a sweet little message in a bottle from my secret pal, isn't it cool!

Then later in the week I had a surprise package, inside were these lovely spinning tools, a wraps per inch gauge (one I can tie to my wheel so I won't lose it), a diz and a plying tool! What a great SP this is turning out to be, thankyou very much pal, hope the weather is being good to you so you can keep on with those knitting picnics!

Last Saturday the 1066 Spinners had been asked to demonstrate at a local fair. The weather forecast had been for scattered showers, but there was a good patch of blue sky when I got up so I set off, and we arrived and set up our stand, unfortunately the blue sky was hiding another outdoor peril, high winds, just after we had set up our table blew over, luckily there were heavier trestles around so we managed to secure one of them! After a couple of hours spinning and being buffeted by high winds I was chilled to the bone, but luckily had my wooly hat in the pocket of my waterproof jacket, have to keep reminding myself that it is August!

We were rained off the field by 1pm, but I had almost spun most of this pretty merino!

I came home divided the last of the fibre, spun a thin single to ply with the thick and thin, and this is what I ended up with! It weighs almost 4 oz (112g) , it's a bulky, about 6wpi, and 70m!


Elemmaciltur said...

That's some pretty yarn!

Heather said...

Pretty spinning wheel! Like the display board too. The photo in woolly hat and waterproof pretty much sums up this summer!

Marianne said...

You and I have different 'August', although we've had a break in the HOT/HOT I know we'll hit triple digits before Autumn really gets here.

Those are such lovely colours, do you have fibre for sale with just those colours? yummy!

Marianne said...

heh... I also meant to add those are lovely gifts... I wish your pal would let me know where they found them... I like that WPI gauge. pretty!

Caroline said...

What fun!

And yes what a dire August too.

Peri said...

That is very pretty yarn. I love the colours.

As for the photo of you - you look chilled to the marrow, hat or no - personally I love cooler weather and am not complaining about the summer, it suits me to a T.

picperfic said...

lovely photo Jo! I loved today...never thought I would be spinning! Your yarn is gorgeous, I hope I can make some as lovely yours one day.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna feel a bit like this later today with 2 craft workshops!

You look so cold. Have a hug xx