Friday, April 24, 2009

Still here!

Yes I've been a very bad blogger, my weekly posts have been dropping off as the year plods on!

I have finished my Clapotis, just need to sew two ends in, (all my other ends were Russian joined) and take some photos, to say I love this pattern would be an understatement.....I can see why some people have knitted multiple Clapotis'!

So this week I have been very excited to have some new fibres in the house:

merino/seacell 25/04

First up is the merino/seacell, this hasn't been readily available here in the UK.....but now I've got my hands on some it's going to be a regular in the shop...I LOVE it!

The second selection is a merino/carbonised bamboo blend, I just wanted to try something a little different that hasn't been seen anywhere else:

merino/bamboo 25/09


Marianne said...

Stunning, Gorgeous! and have I ever told you how much I love their names? I DO!

KimK said...

I totally understand about slow blogging. ;) You're forgiven.

Can't wait to see pictures of the Clapotis!

Rosie said...

Yummy. I'm determined to improve my spinning so that I'm brave enough to get more of your fabulous colours. those base fibres sound really interesting. Carbonised bamboo sounds like a kitchen accident, mind...

Anonymous said...

stop tempting me with your wooly husband lost his job last week so I really have to tighten the belt....well, at least until I get paid!

Wonderful colours again Jo, will see if you have any left next weekend.

Oh and glad to see you're still here!

Bobbi said...

Still here too!