Thursday, June 04, 2009


Thankyou for all the lovely comments about my clapotis! It feels like this merino/angora was hanging around on the bobbin for ages, but I knuckled down over a few nights last week to get it finished and plied.

I may well have some merino/angora in the 'too spin' pile this week, I came back from the dentist Tuesday to find the cat had taken a fancy to some which was hanging on the airer in the's no longer in saleable condition, but still spinable. She has never really been bothered by it before, but she was in a funny, playful mood, and we think it may be because the breeze was just blowing it a little!


KimK said...

Ooo... aren't cats just the worst sometimes? It's a good thing they're so cute. ;)

Marianne said...

Crazy little Willow! at least she left it 'spinable'! :^)
Your yarn is gorgeous, what great soft muted colours! Love how that turned out :^)

Anonymous said...

beautiful yarns Jo. Thanks for the speedy delivery of the green fluffiness....thank goodness I don't have cats!