Saturday, October 03, 2009

Metal Guru Ice Queen on a Cloudy Day!

Next up in the custom spinning, someone fell in love with my Metal Guru colourway and asked me to dye something in pale blue, pale grey and leave areas of white to ply with it:

600m! It's already on it's way to it's new owner who has plans for a shawl!
I have been working away on my Heartland Lace, I'm now on the edging and hope to finish this soon, just under 2 months till the Guild's November meeting which will be the Fashion Show and Diamond Celebrations!
I've also had a washing machine disaster with 2 of my merino/angora scarves, shrunken into beautiful felt....possibly they will have to be made into bags. I'm in the process of weaving a new merino/angora scarf. Luckily I had only used 60g of that 200g skein of Singin' The Blues, enough left for 2 scarves!


Caroline M said...

I like white in rovings just because it spins up so beautifully, the yarn always looks so much better than the fibre (not so good if it's the fibre you're selling)

I feel terrible about the feltmaking, I throw wool in my washer time and time again and it behaves beautifully. The salesman tried to tell me I didn't need a wool programme on a washer - what did he know?

Shani said...

Lovely... really love the names and the colour... it takes realy talent name colourways...


Marianne said...

Mmmm. Beautiful. 600m! and again, your spun yarn blows me away!
Rats about the felting of the scarves but you're right, they'll make beautiful bags.

Charity said...

Mmmm, the new yarn is luscious! Do you enjoy custom orders?

Too bad about the scarves! A bag made from them sounds lovely, though.

KimK said...

Ooh -- the white in that icy grey yarn is really stunning. I bet that'll be beautiful in her shawl.

Sheila said...

Oh, Jo. That is just lovely. I have a failed felt project that I slating for an embroidery experiment. I will let you know when I blog about it. I am excited about the possibility.