Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hat Yarn!

I managed to finish the second bobbin of singles and get my hat yarn plied last night!

It's Bluefaced Leicester, mainly from a semi solid braid I had called 'Blue Suede Shoes' with a little grey and turquoise added for interest. I'm hoping it's going to co-ordinate with the first woven scarf off my loom. There is 145g/486metres (the hat should only take 80g). I am hoping I have enough left for some gloves or handwarmers.

Inspired by the silk scarves here which were raffled off at the Textiles in Sussex Exhibition, I have been dyeing some of the faux cashmere/silk that I have with a view to spinning and weaving my own silk scarf.

I have also been attempting to dye some silk too, it's funny how the addition of faux cashmere makes the silk easier to dye!


KimK said...

Ooh, hats! I'm about to start the first of a series of three or four hats I've promised to various people. Can't wait to see yours! The blue is just lovely.

Marianne said...

oooooo lala, that's some gorgeous yarn, look at all those blues! Beautiful! Crossing everything that can be crossed there will be enough for hat and some kind of handmitts :^)
Those sure are pretty little knobs of fibres, I just want to reach in and touch and play with them :^D

picperfic said...

wow Jo, you have been doing so many lovely things lately! Hope you have managed to untangle that lace! I am wondering what the faux cashmere consists of? Looks delicious!

Caroline M said...

You could always use the blue for a fancy ruffled cuff on a pair of mittens if you end up running short. Hopefully you won't need to get so creative.

Lou said...

Ooo, the colours on the faux cashmere / silk are gorgeous. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

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