Thursday, October 28, 2010

100 Days To Go!

100 days to go, and it's about bloody time I updated the poor neglected blog!

There has been a little knitting....and frogging going on.
I started another Clapotis, much as I love the first one I made in the Silk Garden it is quite heavy so I thought I would make a more colourful option in silk garden sock, although I wasn't happy with the way it was going so I frogged it. Maybe I'll stripe it with a similar yarn for a different effect.

I realised at the last Kent Guild meeting that I still hadn't made anything for this years Guild Fashion Show which will be the last Saturday in November so I had a little look through my Ravelry favourites and picked out the Annis Shawl. Then I balled up the camel/silk I had spun for the 800yard Challenge and cast on, well attempted the cast least 3 times before I went back to Ravelry and had a little read up on it, then it sat around for 2 more weeks waiting for me find the time to do the crochet chain for a provisional cast on.

Finally got it done last week, although had to frog and restart when I decided the 5mm needles were going to make it too big....I'm on 4mm needles now and almost finished, but worrying that I should have used 4.5mm instead......not going to be able to tell now till I've finished the short rows....which are becoming quite long and tedious!

Maybe I should stick to spinning, I'm still slowly working on the Scraps Yarn for my sweater project. Part of me is in no hurry to finish, because it probably won't be a sweater I wear this year, over the ever expanding body. I was going to upload the latest (25 week) bump shot, unfortunately although the photo appears up the right way on my computer, the new photo widget is turning it landscape so I look like the Himalayas. You can see it my my 'Mind The Bump' set on flickr where I have been documenting the bump as it grows.

I will try to be a better blogger, and come back soon, this will be dependant on me actually having something worth blogging a shawl....although since I have just given another pair of handwarmers away I may have to start knitting some more, I can't possibly go wrong with handwarmers now can I!


Shani said...

Inspirational as always, best wishes and hope you are keeping well.


Marianne said...

I looked at your Beautiful Bump photos on FB last night, Lovely :^)
wha??? provisional cast on for Annis? I do love that design, simple yet so pretty (I've knit 3 of them, all with handspun)!
I guess I should go read about Annis on Ravelry. love you xoxox

Caroline M said...

I cast on my 363 stitches this afternoon except that I misread the pattern and cast on 383. Deep joy.

Glad to hear that you're well, hope the next 100 days flies by.