Wednesday, May 15, 2013

April round up!

So here we are halfway through May, so it's about time I did my April round up.....

29th April I finished my Handspun scraps cardigan. Well it was blocked and I sewed the buttons on and thought I had sewn in all the ends, I think I have found a couple of underarm ends that got missed, I'll get around to it at some point. It weighs in at 398g and I was really pleased with the mother of pearl buttons.

 I also finished another little garter yoke cardigan, I love these little flower buttons! I altered the raglan increases this time around into left and right increases, because it looks nicer!

May looks like another busy month but I am already ahead on the project front, with the scraps cardigan out of the way I got back to weaving the cotton warp I had put on the loom back in February and finished it.
3m of fabric, just waiting for the perfect project to turn up!

The loom is already warped for 2 scarves, infact the first scarf was woven quickly and taken off the loom Monday. It's now waiting for wet finishing.


Anonymous said...

The handspun scraps cardi look beautiful.

Caroline M said...

I am jealous of the ease with which you put buttons on garments. For me that's the stage where the wheels fall off, they're too big/small, the wrong colour or totally perfect but too few in number.

My fabric is coming in 5 yard lengths at the moment, I'm winding with a cross at both ends for matchy stripes. Not very Saori at all.

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