Wednesday, April 03, 2019

I am a crafty hoarder....there I said it. There are times when the amount of stuff I hoard really gets to me, it makes me feel anxious, I really don't think I can use all of it, but there's that, what if the stuff I get rid of is the stuff I'm suddenly going to need next week phenomenon. I've just had to order a jigsaw puzzle on ebay that I gave to a second hand shop last July, because the regret of giving it away when I want the chance to complete it, was too much!

Last June when we moved house the enormity of the 'crafty stuff' left it's mark. I must get rid of some stuff I decided.  I contacted a friend who put my drum carder up for sale in some groups. I'd likely only used the drum carder once in the last 5 years. I don't really find carding fibre very exciting! The first email came, I suddenly realised I would be left with a huge pile of fibre and no carder to card it with. I explained to the nice lady that I'd advertised it in haste and had sadly changed my mind. More emails came, I could have sold that carder at least 5 times. I had to start saying sorry it has sold even though I hate lying but having to explain over and over that I'd made a mistake was also too much for me to keep explaining.

It has sat in the box on the shelf for another 8 months until today. One of my friends has just asked some advice about where to sell a few things, one of which was a drum carder. So realising that fibre mountain isn't going to shrink itself and also in need of something to spin, I got some of it out and have carded  it. I think the reality is I am not that thrilled with the colours in the fibre mountain, but it will still make yarn.


karensspinzen said...

I So understand your dilemma! I've given myself permission to spin the fiber I've already purchased for the enjoyment of the process and with or without an end plan for it. But I am trying to figure out how to use my coned yarns. The good thing is, each time I do use something up, it feels wonderful!!!

Caroline said...

Hello there Joanna!

I suddenly realised I needed to tell you I'm knitting again... so sweet that your blog still has mine on its list xxx I've not blogged recently and unless something more shifts for me I probably won't... but I have been knitting... are you on ravelery?