Saturday, January 06, 2007

I Dream of Dreads

I dream of dreadlocks, I actually woke up Thursday morning with a recollection that I'd been dreaming that I had hair with dreadlocks. I like low maintenance hairstyles, and I'm still persevering with growing my hair, dreadlocks though, seem a bit too much like hard work, well just to start with, you have to do alot of pulling and matting and almost felting to get it to work, and to be honest I don't think I could really stand all that fiddling about, but its a nice dream. If my hair gets to a longish length I will probably go and have a very unfashionable spiral perm, I had one of these in 1993, the last time I successfully grew my hair, and the last time spiral perms were the hieght of hair fashion, but its a low maintenance style that I can just wash and wear!

Ok enough of hair, I have managed to spin all 400g of the Kool-aid fibre I dyed Monday evening, but unfortunately the weather hasn't let up for days, so no photos as yet.

Instead I'm going to warble on about books, because I do find the time to read sometimes, usually just a few pages in bed, unless it turns into something gripping which I can't put down, and I have bad memory so I'm going to write down some of the books I read last year, just as a record to remind myself.

I started 2006 with Dan Brown, and worked my way through all that he's written, the best one being Deception Point (this would make a fantastic film), followed by Digital Fortress and following up the rear Angels and Demons. (I had read the Da Vinci Code late 2005) and all these books apart from DC were Christmas presents.They were easy reading and reasonably enjoyable.

From then I went on to read Running With Scissors, which I really enjoyed, and We Need To Talk About Kevin which one of my friends had said not to read so I had to really, it was quite a hard book to get into at first but it had a really good ending which I didn't see coming. I like twists and cleverness.

Somewhere amongst this I read Labrinth by Kate Mosse 'An action packed adventure of modern conspiracy and medieval passion...a Grail gripper [and] elegantly written timeslip novel set in France - The Independant'
which was a slow but enjoyable read.

Then I read Zadie Smith,On Beauty, made it to the end but didn't really enjoy this much at all!

So I raced through The Devil's Feather by Minette Walters. I have read quite a few of her older novels many years ago, this was a compulsive book, with a few surprises I didn't see coming , and enjoyable.

Finally I read Neil Gaiman, Anansi Boys, which was thoroughly completely enjoyable.... so much so I am about to go on a Neil Gaiman bookfeast.... with Coraline and Stardust, just for starters! I will probably work my way through them all if I'm not distracted by something else.

Ok the other reason I'm doing a book themed post is I've tagged myself with a book meme which is doing the rounds at the moment just because I like the element of surprise it brings with it, it's a bit different to the norm! and some of these little dips can make books that I might never have read seem interesting, although I'm always susceptible to suggestion and easily distracted.

First, grab the nearest book, post the book's name and author's name on your blog:

Coraline by Neil Gaiman. [this is his first book for children,(the Independant said 'Delicate and extraodinary, it reads like Alice in Wonderland crossed with Steven King')]

Next turn to page 123, go to the fifth sentence on that page, now post the following three sentences....
oops it's an illustration should have checked first!

We'll try Stardust
It had seemed so welcoming when seen from high in the sky.That was before. Now she hated everything about it, except the unicorn; and, saddle sore and uncomfortable, she would have happily spent time away from the unicorn.

Last, tag three others: Okay I'm going to tag Kim at Fiber Cafe, lets see what she's reading, hmmm...
Melissa in Oz, probably too busy soaking up the sun, but still and lastly Silvia at Fromthesheepsback as she is the most recent edition to my very long blogroll, infact my blogroll of knitting blogs in my favourite sites has got so long I have actually started a new one, but I just love to follow a random journey, I find a comment on somebodies blog from someone with an interesting name and well you can end up all over the place but it's such good fun to keep expanding you horizons.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for Tagging me...I think!!! I will post when I next update my Blog!!

Marianne said...

Nice list of books, some I know about some I don't, thanks.
I have quite a few friends who have dreads........I likes 'em.

Caroline said...

Maybe dreads would suit you...

I've not read most of the books you mention - interesting how people choose what to read - thanks for the pointers!