Saturday, February 10, 2007

Fun Friday Fibre Frolics!

A few weeks ago Kerrie put a plea out on her blog for someone to go over and get her spinning on her wheel.

Seeing an opportunity for a bit of an adventure, I volunteered to go over and give her a few pointers, so yesterday I made the 2 hour journey to Kerrie's Hipkinits Shop and Studio. In no time at all we put Kerrie's Ashford Joy through it's paces and Kerrie easily got the hang of it, it's just a case of co-ordination and practice.

We had a lovely afternoon, spinning and chatting, and Kerrie packed me off with some beautiful hand dyed silk yarn, a copy of Yarn Forward and some fibre to play with.

I've also been tagged by Caroline with the 6 Weird Things Meme. I've been thinking about it for a few days. I've been struggling for 6 to be perfectly honest, no really...I have, but I'm going to give it a go....


RULES:People who are tagged should write a blog post of 6 weird things about themselves as well as state this rule clearly.
In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names.

I believe I am a most of my weirdness is food related. I didn't realise you could self-test for this condition, so I'll be off to get some blue food colouring and check my long held theory out. I saw a programme about it a few years ago and it made complete sense to me. The male presenter was a Supertaster and the way he described taste was identical to the way things taste to me.

I don't eat any vegetables apart from potatoes. As a child I used to swallow everything whole, I couldn't chew vegetables if my life depended on it. I don't eat any kind of salad vegetable either, and of course any kind of meal that involves vegetables is out of the question.

I have to have something sweet after something savoury, even after a slice of toast in the morning I need a biscuit to take the taste away, although oddly I can't bear anything sweet like jam or marmalade on my toast.

I love cheese on toast, but I couldn't possibly eat cold cheese sliced in a sandwich. Weirdly enough Kerrie is exactly the same on this one, I mean I know a few people who believe cheese is the work of the devil...but there's just something about cold cheese between two slices of bread....eeeuuurrrrr!

I don't like the taste of water....hmmm yes how does it taste...watery, wet, of nothing in particular, I just can't drink it without Robinson's Fruit & Barley Orange squash, the only time I really could drink water was just after Neo was born and my hormones were so jiggled about I couldn't stand the taste of anything.

I don't like the taste of lager, beer, real ale, they all taste very bitter to me, even making shandy by adding lemonade doesn't work (I don't like fizzy drinks either). I don't really like the taste of alcohol....if its well watered with lots of orange juice....or indistinguishable in a cocktail it's ok, as a teenager I used to like sweet cider but going out in a group I re-trained my tastebuds to drink dry cider with blackcurrant (lots of blackcurrant) and it's still a favourite tipple on the rare occasions I go out.

No I can't retrain my tatsebuds to eat vegetables.....but it hasn't done me any harm.

Ok I'm going to tag Jill, Pat,Strumpstickan,Anne,Kim, and finally KnitKnackPaddyWack


Strumpstickan said...

Ok, I agree that cold cheese tastes nothing, it should be the temperature about 10 + celsius why cjeese should be taken out 1 hour before serving, its a fact.

But NO veggies??

Well, I'll try my best in English *lol*

Artis-Anne said...

Sounds like you had a great day with Kerrie ; isn't it great to spin and chat .
Now I would do the meme but I have already done it a few weeks ago , sorry :( I guess what goes around comes around. Oh and have you joined the online Weaving & Spinning UK? Saw that a Jo had joined and thought it might be you :)

Marianne said...

Jo, it sounds like you had a great day with Kerrie, and I'm sure we'll be seeing photos of the yarn and fibre booty,eh?
I would be somewhat shocked at your 'weird' things if I didn't already know about them. ;^)
You're a sweetheart, Jo.

KimK said...

Jo, I'll have you know I lay awake an hour after going to bed last night trying to think of six "weird" things about myself. I came up with three; I guess I'll have to poll the family for the rest. :)

Fiberjoy said...

As long as I can remember my family teased me about my tasting abilities. I could never abide turnips. Yes, water does have distinct tastes. I love good well water; the slightly mossy taste on my tongue. Can barely drink most city water. I can also taste the environment. My favorite is when in a damp forest - rich woodsy taste.

Caroline said...

Great weird things Jo!

I am very particular about water and prefer it hot (with a dash of cold) but it must be well-filtered 'cos Bristol water out of the tap is foul - tasteless would be a whole lot better!

I've never heard of a supertaster before so thanks for enlarging my knowledge!

TutleyMutley said...

Hey ho, Jo, I have indeedy done this meme - having sort of tagged myself when I read on several blogs that I should 'consider myself tagged if I hadn't been' IYSWIM! I am seriously wierd. Much wierder than you. I am. Ho hum.

HDW said...

Happy Valentines Day Neighbor!!! I am saying hello to all my neighbors on my knitting rings and I am located on your previous kntting path button!!! Have a wonderful day!! and if you ever feel like heading to an island in maine and giving someone else instructions on spinning head on out!!!!!

Marianne said...

Jo, the new Banner is beautiful! oh, and if you end up in Maine you may as well come on over to Oklahoma....ya know?
Happy Sweetie Day!

Ilix said...

Yay fiber fun! nice of her to send you home with goodies for your time! A true kindred spirtit will not take advantage of you! LOL Have any pics of the goodies?