Sunday, February 04, 2007

Forget-me-not V Cabled Gloves

As it was the monthly meeting of the local spinning group the 1066 Spinners yesterday, I got to work with the purple sheep batts Thursday evening and continued spinning and plying till it was all finished off last night. This is an aran weight yarn, averaging 10 WPI ( wraps per inch is how spinners guage the thickness of yarn we are spinning in comparison to commercial yarn).

I couldn't decide whether I liked the colour or not whilst I was spinning. It was my first attempt with the Easy Peasy Dyes from Hilltop, I bought the Starter kit which comes with a blue, red and yellow, and I just decided to give the blue and red a whirl, I obviously knew I would get purple, but wasn't sure how dark it would be, if anything this was always a bit light for my liking.

The fleece itself is a ULS (unidentified local sheep). Just after my return to knitting last year a local farmer advertised some fleeces on Freecycle, at first I thought no, but when she re-advertised I decided to go and get some, I then rang round to find someone to teach me to spin, and was referred to a lady in Bexhill who gave me a 2 hour lesson, and then I came home and bought my wheel off E-bay.

What does it want to be? Well it seems to want to be another scarf....maybe I'll go into the scarf business. I've got a couple of ideas in my head for the style of this one, with some kind of random edge/ fringe so I think I should start sketching them and start a couple of this space!

Friday night I also finished kitchener stitching the fingers of the second glove, and as we're apparantly due another bout of chilly weather and possibly snowfall before the week is out they may get some wear.

The pattern itself is in Vogue Knitting Gloves and Mittens On The Go! The yarn is Rowan Yorkshire Tweed 4ply shade 265, and I knitted these on 3mm needles. The original pattern called for a cashmere yarn but I couldn't source any at a reasonable price in a practical glove colour. I also reversed the cable panel on the left glove because I would feel they were a bit of an odd pair with the cables all crossing to the right, althought the ones in the pattern photo were done like that, just a personal quirk!


KimK said...

Jo, congratulations on the gloves! They turned out great! I, too, would have reversed the cables. They definitely need that symmetry.

Kath said...

I forget to check up on what you've been doing for a week or so and you go hell for leather making bits and bobs! I love the yarns - great colours but I know what you mean about the Easy-Peasy and trying to get deep intense colours - maybe adding a touch of black will doo the trick but have yet to splash out and get my own and stop pinching Mum's! Love the needle case and the gloves - really cozy looking!

Charity said...

I love the story of how you learned to spin! Too funny. :0) I really like the colour of the yarn you've spun - soothing.

Strumpstickan said...

Great thinking by reversing the cables, it lokks more "right" *lol*

Marianne said...

Oh Jo, mmmmm that yarn you spun, I for one love that colour, it's a most beautiful colour...I want to jump right into I did when it was batts....seriously, such a visual treat, I like how you can see all the colours in there...yummmmmmmmm!
Those gloves are fabulous...I'm with you on reversing the cable, exactly what I would've done.
I also love the story on how you learned to never gets old were meant to spin, darlin'

Caroline said...

I adore the colour of that yarn

and I've reversed the cable like you did too - much neater.

Ms. Knitingale said...

Oooh...I LOVE the color. Almost a delphinium. Too pretty. Can't wait to see your scarf. I'm LMAO at the ULS thing...I hadn't heard that before but it's cracking me up!

Anonymous said...

I think the yarn you spun is gorgeous! It reminds me of spring. Your gloves turned out great!

Artis-Anne said...

Easy Peasy Dyes are great
:) I have run out of my starter kit and going for broke and getting some bigger pots next time. Mind we are having 2 days natural dyeing with the guild this year so......
Love the gloves & completeley with you re the cables

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