Sunday, March 25, 2007

Riddle me This!

My love of Rubics Cube type puzzles meant me digging out my favourites from my collection and the yet to be completed Bart Simpson earlier today. The above cube is obviously a desk cube that doesn't need completing, you just have to adjust the day and date everyday, but it's the only one I've ever seen.

This little 2 x 2 cube is my favourite, it looks simple until you pick it up and start turning it.

Bart Simpson is also a 2 x 2 cube, but is causing me a little frustration, well actually all my cubes cause me frustration but it's an enjoyable challenge. If I knew how to solve it just by a few turns it would have taken the fun out solving this puzzle years ago. What makes Bart even more frustrating is just the shape of the pieces and the fact that he's difficult to turn.

No knitting content today...I've finished the fronts of the Vogue cardi and have started on the sleeves!


Marianne said...

Ha ha ha ha, you are such a loveable nut!
Seriously, I'm very impressed, I could never spend that much time with those...of course I'm thinking when those things came out I was alligator deep in 3 kids and that was enough 'puzzle' for me, heh.

Seahorse said...

That's a blast from the past! I must have lost hours to those cubes as a teenager.

The calendar one is very cool.

Artis-Anne said...

Oh I used to love Rubics cube & I used to be able to do it, not sure I could now :)

Ang said...

What a brilliant collection, how many do you have? The Bart one looks fab.

I can't do the damn things myself, they usually end up being thrown at someone!

Caroline said...

I too used to twiddle cubes but haven't in ages - Jim still does on occasion...

I remember one of my brothers stunning us with his first solving one but then it turned out he'd been able to pull the whole thing apart and reassemble it!

I like the calendar one very unusual.