Thursday, March 15, 2007

True Colours

I've really struggled to capture the colours of this silk yarn, and the problem is not the sunshine, I've tried shade, overcast, black background, white background, flash....and then it dawned on me that I had just the same problem with capturing the true peacock colour of Shedir.

So in the end I've just tweaked the colours in the photos just a little bit, if anything it's still not quite 'jade' enough, but its close. The reality is a deeper Jade...picture a twinkling Mediterranean sea....I love this yarn, I have no idea what its going to be, but I've got almost 100g!

The Vogue Cabled Cardigan is progressing well, I'm only a couple of inches from completing the back although I do need to check that I've completed my knitting and design homework for my C & G Knitting Course this Sunday.

I'd also like to say a big Freestyle Thursday my secret pal, thankyou for the you have seen from my questionnaire it's my first time.

My pal has asked what my favourite Spring flower is and I think its the Primrose, something pretty, simple but understated in its pale yellow. I also absolutely love Bluebells, but because of their late arrival I don't know if they are actually considered a Spring flower or not.


Charity said...

Beautiful, Jo, and my most favourite colours! :0)

Do you have a picture of your bluebells? I love bluebells, too, but wonder if what we call bluebells and what you call bluebells are the same thing!

Caroline said...

this is a riddle to which I do not have the answer:

Do you think a Bluebell would?

Marianne said...

Heavens, Jo, there should've been a warning window pop up, to say 'Hang on to your seat' or something...'Quick, grab your drool towel!' Your spun silk is breathtaking, which kind of lets the drool get up some real speed.
You are just such the clever young woman!
I love the Primroses too, they smell so good.

Fiberjoy said...

The silk yarn is wonderful shades of blues & greens. Mediterranean sea -- Thinking of warm sun and perfect swimming waters.

Choosing a favorite spring flower is like choosing a favorite food!

steve said...

I'm such a fan of the color Blue, especially this type. I like how you took your knitting endeavors a step further into the realm of photography. These are very to view--very sculptural even. Great work Jo!

Artis-Anne said...

I love the colours and great spinning too I still haven't spun my Macaw but have done my hankies LOL but not knitted that either as yet ; I just keep fondling them every now and again :)

artyfartykat said...

The silk is absolutely breathtaking, the colours are stunning.

TutleyMutley said...

YOur spun silk is to die(dye??) for. What are you going to do with it? In anticipation.

I was told that primroses are GREEN?! But I agree with you about bluebells - we are so lucky to have bluebell woods galore around yer.

Marianne said...


love you!

Jessie said...

hi jo! i saw your message on the finding water blog and we will put you back on the list right away! sorry about that. i'm glad you left a comment saying something. we would hate to leave you out if you are indeed participating in finding water. :)


Kath said...

What a fantasic colour!! I must try out some silk hankies but I really do love that yarn - it'll have to be something special! Or just kept to be admired and stroked!