Sunday, April 22, 2007

Doodle Magic

Well it's been a week of finishing homework for my C & G course, and not much knitting or spinning going on either. The art work has been fun this time, and I just want to show how a simple doodle can be transformed digitally into a pattern, that could be used in any crafts discipline aswell as knitting.

This is one of 6 small doodles in my sketchbook that I had done a while ago with a view to making a lino cut for printing, but it was also ideal for the contour lines exercise we had to do at college last month.

This is the same doodle simplified into contour lines and coloured in.

And this is what happens when you start to play around with it a bit, by cropping it and mirrororing it in a repeat pattern. This is one of six doodles that I have used in this way as part of my homework.

I can almost see this last sheet translated into some kind of lace edging!

The blog has been a bit sluggish of late, but I'm hoping to get back in the swing of it this week, I'm almost up to my 100th post!


KimK said...

Jo, those are wild! I really like the repeated patterns you created. It's interesting to see the other art (besides knitting and spinning) you work on.

Fiberjoy said...

Fascinating! It'll be fun to watch where this takes you.

Marianne said...

Jo, those are beautiful! Love the cropped and mirrored pieces you made...

Caroline said...

These are great - lots of possibilities for using in all sorts of media. Maybe even over on the Camel Exchange?

picperfic said...

oooh love your doodles! What C&G course are you doing? I had to do something similar for my C&G interior decor course i did. Perhaps all the courses are the same but they just call them something different lol...actually, it was my C&G course that I did that got me onto the computer in the first place!

Woolly Wormhead said...

Oooh, I love fiddling with patterns like this! I used to teach the construction of repeat patterns, all starting with a section of say, a still life in pencil, and it used to fascinate the kids to see it evolve into a pattern.

Just goes to show that sometimes it really is the simplest things that can be most effective.

Knittings Nice! said...

Great doddling...wonder where it takes you?

Ang said...

I miss doing artwork like this...yours are fantastic!

Artis-Anne said...

Oh that is great fun, love the patterns and as you say can be used for all sorts of things . Look forward to seeing how you use them

picperfic said...

yay!! your header rocks!!

Erssie said...

I do like the Vogue publications, especially Knit 1, but was whinging mainly about the Lionbrand site which has some awful patterns on there that make pretty models look quite ugly!

Is Yarn Forward a US publication? There is a UK Yarn Forward, haven't seen the current issue but there is supposed to be a cardi in there of mine which is most definitely a simple knit. I write patterns mainly with Beginners in mind, really, if you are Advanced you want to be inspired by complicated patterns but you don't need a pattern to knit what you want.

I am advanced in my concepts (the way I think rather than design) but very much intermediate in my experience, due to my hand disability but in principle I know how to do stuff. I employ knitters to knit up concepts that I canot manage but I do write a full pattern for them.

Do you submit designs to mags? You should you know.

Anonymous said...

I see some Maori in those designs , some Mackintosh .They are beautiful and the potential is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting close to your 100th post! And Happy Birthday early... I jusr sent you package out today and I'm hoping you'll get it in less than a week!

Your Knitters Treat Pal

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