Saturday, April 07, 2007

scribble part 2

I took my new Turkish spindle to the 1066 Spinners monthly meeting this morning. I spent last night practicing the Andean plying technique, with the three small muffins I had made, and then after spinning a fourth mini muffin this morning I demonstrated the technique for Mary and Linda.

The front ball is the plied Corriedale pencil roving, the other 3 balls are all merino tops, I've just been mixing and making rollags in shades of blue and purple merino to co-ordinate with the Corriedale.

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Marianne said...

Yes, you sneaked a post in on us, thank you for the heads up because I would've been sadly missing this. Jo, I truly wish I could reach in and touch them...oh oops, now there's a couple missing! ;^)

No kidding, love love love your yarn! Please, let me know when you start selling that precious goodness.