Thursday, July 05, 2007

SP10 Revealed!

Yesterday morning the postman delivered my final SP10 parcel...and look at the lovely goodies inside, 2 contrasting skeins of Fiberspates laceweight silk, just the right amount to knit the most gorgeous stole pattern you can see in the background. It's called Hanami, and represents the yearly Japanese tradition of viewing cherry blossoms.

Just have a quick look over here for some close up photos of Hanami, it starts with a beaded cast-on, then the basket weave symbolizes the friendships and interweaving of our lives.

'The second half of the stole is dedicated to the cherry blossoms and the reminder they give us of the beauty of life. As anyone who has seen cherry blossoms blow in the wind can tell you, they make a beautiful pink and white cloud of blossoms. Starting out with just a scatter of blossoms, they get thicker until at the end of the stole, there is a full cloud of blossoms. The second end of the stole is finished with a simple, flirty ruffle that is reminiscent of the delicate blossoms themselves.'

What a gorgeous and clever pattern, and a fabulous gift to end SP10!

Mustn't forget these pretty little stitch-markers, and the best surprise of all is finally getting to find out who my secret pal is.....those keen eyed among you may have seen that nice little card in the picture, I'd like you all to meet Jon the Easy Knitter.

I really can't thankyou enough Jon, THANKYOU! you've made my first venture into SP very special, they've all been lovely, well thought out gifts, I can't wait to cast on the Hanami, but need to finish a couple of commissions before I do. I do hope you've had fun picking them and I havent been difficult to buy for. I'm going to enjoy observing your venture's in spinning, knitting and dyeing, now that I know where to find you, and I'd really like to come and visit the I-Knit group one day, just to say hello and thankyou in person.


Marianne said...

That lace pattern is beyond stunning and the yarn is perfect! Love those stitchmarkers!
How incredibly wonderful and generous!
Lucky lucky you!

Badger said...

That lace is absolutely beautiful, and perfect for the pattern

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a good time!

Sheila said...

I love that lace pattern. Very beautiful and a modern lace. The color of the yarn is wonderful. You had a very special SP

picperfic said...

aren't these swaps fun! A gorgeous package too! That scarf looks beautiful but complicated?

florencemary said...

Yay, someone else knitting the Hanami stole!

I'm about halfway through and enjoying every minute. It's such a interesting pattern. I'll be watching your progress!