Sunday, August 26, 2007

On a Whim and a Wheel

So here it is revealed at last, my new wheel. I decided on a whim after a whole year of spinning that my traditional wheel, although perfectly functional. was taking up too much room. What I really needed was a small wheel, like my little 'Joy', but also a wheel that could be fitted with a Jumbo Flyer for bulky spinning.

I've always liked the custom paint job on Natalie's little Kiwi, and after a couple of enquiries, the decision was made, here she is:

kiwi pukapuka

(noun) little spotted kiwi, Apteryx owenii - smallest kiwi with brownish grey finely mottled or banded horizontally with white and now found only at Karori Sanctuary and a few predator free islands such as Kapiti and Tiritiri Mātangi

I've been giving her a test run with some merino silk mix that I bought at Woolfest, and to be honest I absolutely love her, I love the double treadle, the simplicity of the design and obviously there's the small detail of the paint job!


natalie said...

Oh she is fabulous!
What a great paint job, I love all the spots.
Which paint did you use? Mine is leftover satin finish black front door paint, and then silver metallic for the lettering.
I'm really glad you like her. I really enjoy mine, she's very portable in the back of the car, strapped in like a toddler.
What do you think of the jumbo flyer too? I've wondered about one of those.

Marianne said...

Aye, she's a polka dot Beauty!

Peri said...

Great paint job.....look forward to seeing the spin from it.

Pat said...

Oh, she's lovely. Those spots are great. I'm looking forward to seeing lots of inspired yarn!

Ang said...

ooooh she is pretty.

Kath said...

Oohh thats pretty! Looking forward to hearing how it spins and what creations you produce on her! The yarn I used for GreenGables is Patons Laguna 100% cotton - not sure when it wa out as it was from my old LYS that had everything dating back to the dark ages almost!

Seahorse said...

How swish! Great to hear she's lovely to work with too!

picperfic said...

oooh what a little darling it is! looks like you're going to have a fun relationship with her!

Jackie said...

So pleased to spot your wheel at last, hope it spins nice and fast, love the spots, she looks so sweet,
with a treadle for both feet.

I don't know why I wrote in rhyme
it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Jo, I hope you are well and happy, sorry that my rhyming's crappy.

Love to you from your chum Jackie (has she been at the whacky baccy?)


PS sorry for the random texts, I broke my glasses and can't see the phone properly :D

Anonymous said...

Wheee, a wheel! You'll be spinning up a storm now. (I'm afraid I'm envious.)

What a fun coat of paint.