Thursday, August 02, 2007

Reasons To Be Cheerful, part 1

Sometimes it's good to stop and smell the roses, and I've been rushing around of late trying to fit everything in.

Yesterday Peri was counting her blessings, she spoke about the book Simple Abundance and about making note of 5 good things in your life or that happen everyday, now this is not a new thing, I do recall having to do something similar in one of the tasks of the Finding Water book, but it's something that gets buried by a busy life.

When I read Peri's blog post I was all fired up to atleast try and find five things everyday for a week, to be cheerful about, only 35 things in total, didn't seem too difficult, but looking wearily back on my day today maybe I need to keep notes as I'm sat here racking my brains to come up with 5 things.

1. I finished the work of art for the exhibition, and got them handed in on time.

2. I managed to escape for a cup of tea with a friend today.

3. It wasn't too hot.

4. I got to watch the 3rd episode of Heroes last night...nevermind about episode one and two!

5. Fillet steak for tea!

If I'm actually going to keep this up for a week, it could get even worse, I might have to keep my cheerfulness private, either that or just eat my own words.

The above picture is a work in process of the work of art which I submitted for a group exhibition that opens Saturday, Keith took some photos of the finished piece this morning and they are on his camera.

This is 200g of Blufaced Leicester Superwash, I really wish I had a before picture of this fibre as the colours were quite scary, until I started spinning.

Finished yarn, always a reason to be cheerful!


Charity said...

This is amazingly funny, Jo, I just posted about a very similar thing! :0) It's interesting, when we have so many blessings, that it can be so hard to think of a few, eh?

Peri said...

I read back in the book I used to write them in everyday - I can easily identify the days when I was struggling. Most memorable was the day I was grateful for - a lunch of beans on toast :-)

Yet on other days I wrote loads - reams of stuff.

Thanks for your comments - much appreciated.

picperfic said...

as I'm waiting for my postman to bring me my long awaited news I think I should do that '5 things' thing! Oh the frustration of waiting.....and waiting.....good job people like you show me lovely things like that pretty yarn! I love the artwork too, you talented lady! I might even answer your question you asked me ages ago about guest blogging once I've got my whatever it is I'm waiting for!

Marianne said...

Aye, well then, you have two legs to walk on, a garden to sit and knit in, beautiful Neo to hug and kiss, food in your pantry, not to mention BFL fibre to dye and spin and ply into some of the loveliest yarn...I know how life can get so overwhelmingly busy and fast, yet it's true we have so much to be thankful for.

Twelfthknit said...

Hi - I saw your comment at The Yarn Yard.
I have a Kiwi which I learnt to spin on and a Majacraft Rose. I'd definitely recommend a Kiwi but I can't help but think that if you have a Joy and a Traditional that it isn't really giving you anything you haven't got.....?

Ang said...

Your art work is as beautiful as your yarns.

They're both something to be very cheerful about.

Seahorse said...

I am a finder of Reasons To Be Cheerful of Pollyanna like proportions!

You could have added that you're a beautiful, talented lady who makes gorgeous fibres!

Artis-Anne said...

Your posts are always cheerful and I always love your photos .
We have lots of things to be cheerful about,even if at times its hard to think of ONE ;)

Ang said...

I was thinking of reasons to be cheerful, and I am glad of the fact that I will always have 4 reasons, no matter how much they drive me up the wall!
I will also always be glad I have the use of my hands and my eyes.

Thanks for the birthday/anniversary wishes. We have been married 7 years now.

Sheila said...

The artwork is stunning. How large and what medium? How did the art show go?