Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Ok it's been over a week, but there's not much to see here....

Ok well there was that, that is 306g of 2ply handspun aran weight Shetland fleece, which I purchased at Woolfest, which does beg the question, how much weight does a fleece lose in the washing process, it was 400g when I bought it!
There was quite a bit of vegetable matter in this but no matter, and you may not be able to quite see but I carded scraps of multi merino in, to add a little colour here and there, actually if you click the photo you can just see the different colours.

Apart from that I have 2 cardigans, that need blocking and a capelet near completion.

There was NO knitting on my needles, apart from sampling for an idea for a design for college, and so I took this to be a sign to knit a couple of blanket squares for Flo's Miner Blanket Project.
I'm just knitting good old garter stitch after a couple of false starts trying fancy stuff which didn't work out.

It's taken me a little while to really GET the point of Ravelry, but I was looking for a skein of sock yarn yesterday and found a couple of gems lurking in my stash, one being 6 skeins of Noro Iro, so I fast tailed it over to Ravelry to have a look at what other Ravellers had been doing with it, priceless, and plenty of ideas to mull over. I'd really like to start getting the stash sorted and up on flickr and Ravelry soon, but as usual so much to little time!


KimK said...

Such a lovely yarn! I really like the bits of color showing up here and there, like little surprises. Thanks for your last couple of comments -- I am looking forward to play around with Ravelry, but it does seem like a lot of work to get your own stuff on there.

Charity said...

Great to hear what you're up to! I love the way the spun yarn turned out, with the bits of colour. Very nice. :0)

Marianne said...

Again...with feeling...gorgeous handspun! and the colours are so pretty in the grey...beautiful!

Jackie said...

I have seen this in the fibre, its gorgeous and the pics here don't do it justice. (Now she will think I am calling her a crap photographer... :D )

You have been quiet today Jo, hope you are ok. Niddy Noddies will finally be on their way to you this weekend.

Hope you have a good one.

Love jackie xxxx

Anonymous said...

The flicks of color jazz up the grey. It should look great knit up. What's the plan?

I've been hoping for a huge chunk of time to get familiar with ravelry. It's still at the intimidating stage.

blog-blethers said...

I absolutely love your new yarn! The delicate traces of the other colours through the grey are just stunning. How I wish I could spin! Maybe one day:) The little cardi you finished off is enough to make me broody ... so pretty! How's the studio coming along???

Kath said...

My PC is playing up and won't enlarge your photos but it looks lovely even if I can't quite make out the flecks of colour. It can be a pain to photo though at times. Glad to hear you're enjoying Ravelry - still looking forward patiently for my invite!

Ang said...

Oh my, that yarn looks yummy and cosy.

Thanks for the well wishes xx