Friday, December 28, 2007


Hey readers near and far, especially all you UK Ravellers, I'm just interrupting this blog to do some gratuitous PIMPING...the Ravery UK Swap group will be having a Swap, sign ups open January 7th, now I do apologise to my overseas readers but this is a UK Swap group.

Now (doesn't matter where you are from) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE could you please go and comment on the SWAP BLOG so that I'm entered into the PIMP THE SWAP competition, stating that you heard about it here!! (I get an extra entry into the PRIZE draw if you do)

Please note that no yarn suffered as a result of my pimping!


picperfic said...

hahah! I think I've pimped your post! Maybe I need to go and have a look at the Ravelry end now!

Peri said...

Your wish is my command *bows* mistress :-D

Marianne said...

Been there, done that :^)
XOXOX Best of luck, sweetie!

Unknown said...
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